I love my ballet tights but what do girls think ? TOO MUCH ?

I teach human movement and all the girls just love my ballet tights and well it has to be said leaves nothing to the imagination.  I wonder if more men wore tights the ones that do wouldn't get all the attention and have to be publicaly shamed. 


  • FYI these ballet tights are worse from the front and I usually wear a long shirt or singlet but as i Do not have anything under it can be quite revealing. I think seeing under garments is a bad look. even a thong. VPL is a thing . I get told I have a great butt all the time , even my boy students especially .  no one is brave enough to comment about the front it seems to be off limits. suffice to say these tights leave nothing to the imagination and there is nowhere to hide.  It can get very hard some days and students notice 
  •  when I teach it gets very hard just like this pic. this is me everyday as class. I don't like wearing the ballet jock strap on it looks too weird and is uncomfortable . 
  •  I teach dance and I get heaps of positive feed back from all the girls and guys as well all very young and open and see this as normal , I love my tights and very proud of my bulge . it can get very hard sometimes when 60 young girls are all staring and smiling and whispering giggling and just not paying attention being distracted . I love the mystery . I got a very nice comment from half a dozen young babes the other day they said " nice boner" that was it.  made my day . socially acceptable level of engagement .
  •  ballet tights from the front  are just amazing. and it looks like you have an erection but it is only that they support you and make you look huge. still lots of giggles at the classes.
  •  relaxing in my tights after an intense workout. I also run in these , very comfortable but they do get soaked easily from sweat and get see thru and clingy. no where to hide in these if you get my drift. I t can get extremely hard not to get aroused from the friction and attention. 
  •  I like to relax in my baller gear and go outside . I find time to stretch and unwind in a more relaxed way and just pretend you are exercising in the park or where ever and no one will suspect you are a sports exhibitionist and if you do it right it will almost be socially acceptable and you'll get away with it.  girls love to stop and chat and look laugh giggle whisper and comment. treat it like nothings wrong and no one will complain about the elephant in the room. It gets very hard sometimes to not react when dozens of young cute school college girls run by and stop and cheer and clap and stare . it is nice to get noticed and appreciated . It often gets so hard not too react it is impossible and in tight spandex with nothing under or over there is no where to hide if you know what I mean. they can tell how you feel about them. if you wear leg warmers with tights it is legit. and I do my ballet warm ups dozens and dozens of cute college girls will come up and talk to you for ages . I will inevitably cum up too. 
  •  this why u need a long jacket or top . 
  •  otherwise it becums obvious and in tights there is no where to hide if you know what I mean . students have a melt down and giggle too much .  
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