what to wear after exercise . ?

 At my local recovering having a drink I like to just relax and breath and drive the waitresses and customers crazy.  


  •  my general get around gear I wear every where 
  •  relaxing in the sun in my cotton tights .
  •  I love just walking around tourist spots travelling . no one knows you and bus loads of people just get a good eyefull. no one ever died of emmbarrassement did they. my casual get around gear for all weather and all day 
  •  this is a pic from the website I bought these from . I love getting around is loose wool and soft fabric keep warm and just be relaxed . still ok for the shops and going out to get a few things. you will get stared at as if your a freak but it will pass . don't get aroused in these there is no tight lycra or spandex to hold it in . 
  • I wear an old t-shirt with shorts.
  •  find time to stretch and unwind in a more relaxed way and just pretend you are exercising in the park or where ever and no one will suspect you are a sports exhibitionist and if you do it right it will almost be socially acceptable and you'll get away with it.  girls love to stop and chat and look laugh giggle whisper and comment. treat it like nothings wrong and no one will complain about the elephant in the room. It gets very hard sometimes to not react when dozens of young cute school college girls run by and stop and cheer and clap and stare . it is nice to get noticed and appreciated . It often gets so hard not too react it is impossible and in tight spandex with nothing under or over there is no where to hide if you know what I mean. they can tell how you feel about them. 
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