Do I need to slow down? If so, how?

KryptoKrypto ✭✭
I'm doing a Half Maraton at the beginning of October, so I have just over 13 weeks to get ready.
I've started following the RunnersWorld <2hr training plan. It takes 10 weeks, but given that 2hrs is probably a little bit too quick for me an extra few weeks will be nice to have - especially if I get ill or injured.

Week 1 of the plan is underway.
I went for an easy 3 miles on Tuesday. "Easy" according to this plan is 30s or so slower than HMP (Half marathon Pace is about 9 minute miles or 5:36 km). Usually if I know I'm only running 5k I'd aim for <25 mins, but I really took care and tried to slow down on Tuesday. I did the 5k at exactly 5:36km, so it was on pace and not the "easy" pace I was supposed to do.

Yesterday was a rest day, so I went for a swim. I'm hoping to swim on 2 of the rest days and veg out/light stretching on the 3rd rest day each week.

Today was a "Tempo" run, 1 mile at the "easy" pace of around 9:30 at the beginning and end of a 5 mile run, the middle 3 miles run at 8:54 according to this guide. Again I really focussed and tried to go slow. The 2 slow miles I did in 9 minutes and the 3 "fast" miles I did in 8:40.

If only been running since March, so I'm really unsure and I'm a bit worried that even though I'm only slightly faster than the recommended pace I might get tired at longer distances. Do I need to slow myself down or is going a little bit quicker than recommended guides OK? If I do need to slow it up a little, how do I do that?

Tomorrow I've got another "easy" run, 4 miles this time, so I'll try to incorporate any tips.
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