Decathalon Intense Run Treadmill

Hey guys!

I am from Malaysia!
I have an old 2.0HP Life Fitness ST55 treadmill that is at least 10 years old?
It is a pain to run on a sit won't even last an hour or some times even 30 minutes if I run it at 12KPH or more.
It pops up an error message "Check Speed sensor" or "Error Code 2" whenever I run too fast for too long. The treadmill speeds up on its own when I overwork it and eventually stops before popping up aforementioned messages.
But it can take slower speeds of 10KPH for at least an hour.

The problem now is that this model is obsolete and I just rather not maintain it since it only goes up to 16KPH and Decathalon's Intense Run Treadmill caught my eye. The treadmill is probably the cheapest and has the most value in my opinion.

Here are some of the Decathalon treadmill specs:
Tested at its maximum speed of 22 km/h for a weight of 150 kg, the Intense Run's motor power is 2 HP and 1305 watts.
Its average energy consumption is 700 Watts.

My problem with this is that it only has a mere 2 HP of power from the motor when I was told runners who often pound the treadmill need at least 3 HP or 4 HP for it to last. Decathalon on their website also states that this treadmill can provide 35 hours per week of usage which is more than enough for my family's needs and mine but with this 2 HP motor, I am thinking "how in the world?"

In addition, I am under lockdown at the moment, meaning I can't go out for runs.

Has anyone used this treadmill before? Can it really take a beating? I can't find much reviews on the internet. Thanks in advaance!


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    Can't help you on the decathlon treadmill, but one of my friends (elite athlete) tried masses of treadmills and purchased the Sole 65. We have it as well and it's ace, does exactly what you need a treadmill to do (and I have no connection with the company or anyone else making treadmills).

    Personally I would go for the most powerful motor as that is the key to the speed and incline. 
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