potential injury 1 month before race

So I started training for the great north run around the end of December, I managed to get my longest runs to around 11km then I was unwell for a couple of months which put me off training for a bit. I did the odd 5 and 6 km when I wasn't well and managed a 12km walk during that time.
Once I was feeling better and not unwell anymore I started training again and did a couple of 6km and 7km runs then went straight back to 10 and 11km runs. After that, I ended up with soreness on the inside of my lower legs above the ankle, especially when walking up and downstairs. It's not exactly painful but aches quite a bit and on a scale of 1 to 10 I would give it around a 3 or 4.

My issue now is I am one month away from the great north run and still haven't pushed past 11km and I don't know if I should carry on with the training for the next couple of weeks or rest and see if the aching goes away. I'm going to see a physio in 5 days, but I thought I would get some other opinions while waiting for my appointment. I also did a 6k run last night to see how my legs would be and they felt ok during the run with very mild aching in the lower legs but I can feel it a bit more today.

I can't figure out if it's shin splints or not and if it is safe to keep training. I should also add I am doing the half marathon for charity so backing out isn't an option for me, even if I have to walk some of it I am determined to finish.


    It would be very unlikely to be an injury when it's affecting both legs and onset at the same time.   Shin splints is just a generic name for pain in the shins and often caused by overstriding and/or doing too much too soon.

    Are you doing some stretching?   Gentle daily stretching especially the calf muscles.    Some ankle mobility exercises may help too.    Are your shoes providing enough support and cushioning?

    I would keep training but be careful and perhaps do some walking during the runs so you can build the distance without any extra stress on the body.    As not doing the GNR is not an option, then practising some walking with your running will help on race day.

    Good luck
  • Thanks, Shades, I managed to get another 10km in last night and my legs are not too bad right now. Can still feel the aching a little bit but it's easing off days by day. I will more than likely take your advice and if push comes to shove I will walk some of the half marathon. I have to be honest though, If I can manage it I want to hold off the walking and run the entire race, I will just have to see how my legs are on the day.
    Jaysevern - of course you'd want to run every step of GNR if you can.    Your best chance of doing that is to be injury free on the start line.

    That's good news that you did a 10km run and you feel you are recovering well.   I would suggest that you ditch all speedwork, faster running is much harder on the shins/calfs and can encourage overstriding so stick with easy and long run pace and you should be fine.

    Good luck.
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  • I had an injury that a physio sorted out. His answer was to ice, ice, ice, he couldn't recommend icing enough basically. My injury hadn't cleared up 100%, still hasn't, but now after each run I stick an ice pack on it for 20 mins afterwards. It has really helped and even though training pretty hard it is still getting better with each week...

    To aide recovery of the injury try the hot, cold method. Bucket of ice water and hot water, put injury into each alternating every 2 mins. That stimulates blood flow, reduces inflammation and will aide healing process as the aim is to get extra oxygen through it...

    Prevention is better that cure and as mentioned. Body weight sessions and resistance band workouts are good. Try get 1 in as a minimum each week - also something I've started doing. Resistance band is simple and not hard work, I just follow along to youtube videos at home
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