Achilles Strain caused by new version (Brooks Addiction 14)

I have been using Brooks Addiction for almost 20 years now (as a result of a Gait analysis owing to persistent shin splint issues), the issues were resolved almost immediately after purchasing a pair (i think they were version 4 at the time)   - however, almost immediately after using the latest version 14 they have started presenting me with problems with my Achilles. 

So it looks like im going to have to go in and get another Gait Analysis and find a new model to train with. 

Has anyone else had a similar issue with the manufacturer screwing up the trainer model on an up-issue?


    It's not uncommon that the changes manufacturers make to shoes just don't suit everyone, for others the changes can be welcome.

    But it's not good to run in the same brand/model of shoes all the time, I have a wide selection and never run in the same shoes on consecutive runs, that helps avoid injury.

    If you put your Addiction shoes in on this shoe review website 

    Reviews of Running Shoes, Hiking, Training, Basketball and more... | RunRepeat

    then page down it will show other shoes that are similar to the Addiction, may help you choose a replacement.   You will also see if others have reported the same problem that you've had with the v 14.

    Gait analysis, nor the advice that follows is always that accurate so it's good to have done a bit of research first.

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