Southern Scotland Events - 3rd/4th/5th September

Hi everyone,

I'm not talking about a specific event so hopefully it's okay to create this thread here. Please feel free to move if not appropriate!

I live in southern England (Surrey) and I'm gonna be in southern Scotland (Ayr/Galloway Forest Area) next week and I've been looking to see if there are any running events I could do in this spectacular part of the world whilst I'm there. There is Run The Blades (link below) which looks amazing, but I think I've missed the entry cut-off date which is a shame (I booked the trip pretty last minute because of the all the Covid mayhem).

I don't see many events for Scotland online generally but I'm convinced that's because I'm not a regular event-searcher for this region and I'm probably not hitting the right sites/organisers!

If anyone is from that region or even just knows of a solid race directory for Scotland generally - that would be very helpful and much appreciated!!

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