kit for running in rain

I'm doing the Barns Hill half on Sunday coming and the weather forecast - how do I say this nicely? - is crap. High winds and rain but not too cold.

It's only my 2nd half and I need advice on what to wear in such weather over this sort of distance. My feeling is to stick to lycra shorts and standard top (not cotton) as if I'm going to get wet, then anything like wet leggings will contribute extra weight, and a rain top will just make me even sweatier and hotter. Maybe slap a fleece gilet on to keep the body warm as this doesn't weigh too much even when wet. OK, my shoes will get wet but I have to put up with that, and I'm not going to wear my waterproof socks (Porelle drys) as they are uncomfortable. I also plan to vaseline the areas that are likely to chafe in the wet - crutch/crack/armpits/nipples. Any other advice out there on running in these sort of conditions?


  • A decent waterproof is an absolute must, not just to keep you dry, they also keep you warm. A long sleeved tech. top and either gillet or short sleeved tech. top underneath, and leggings. A hat and gloves. After my experience last night in torrential rain and windy conditions although not cold, once you get wet, you start to feel cold, and you loose a lot of heat out of your head, and my hands were frozen.
  • in the spirit of A Chimp..

    Wild Will keeps saying that we all have our own waterproofs -skin
    personally I dont tend to go out in mine as it needs ironing...

    fatbutfit -hopefully some more enlightened beings may be able to give you some useful suggestions

    are waterproof socks not much cop then?

  • cor, never even heard of waterproof socks . . .
    when it rains I wear a baseball cap as the peak keeps the rain out of my eyes - unless the weather is really bad and it is raining horizontally, in which case I find staying in with Billy Blanks boxercise video keeps me warm and dry and really works my buns.
    definately wear a waterproof top if you can, I wouldn't recommend a fleece personally, but if you are comfortable in one then go for it.
    last week I went out in my long trousers, which when wet grew about 5 inches over my trainers and gained about 5lbs each leg, so I have now got the calves of arnie, which complement my thighs of thunder. So I would say either shorts or clingy tights which finish at the ankle, like Paula in the nike ad in RW this month.

    good luck
  • Waterproof socks are fine and work well but because of the material they're made of they tend to be stiff and don't fit the foot well - think of baggy neoprene. Best used with walking boots, nor running shoes.
  • ah, but my walking boots are waterproof anyway - they have an internal 'skin' or something and this is quite stiff actually. But they do keep me dry, so when I have walked them in they will be magic.
  • But useful if your walking boots aren't waterproof (as mine are). I tend to use the Porelles when mountain biking in the wet & mud - they come into their own then.
  • And just in case anyone asks - they really are waterproof. I've crossed streams in them without shoes on and my feet stayed perfectly dry - the only thing you need to watch is you don't go too deep as the water will come in over the top. Also another make called Seal Skin which some people rate but never tried them.

    Anyway I'm not to fussed about my feet it's what to wear on top that I need to know about.
  • MinksMinks ✭✭✭
    I wear long running tights (like Paula!) They have two white stripes down the outside of each leg (they don't seem to be 'go faster' stripes, though ...) which are also good for running in the dark.

    I haven't a clue what to wear on top either! I have been wearing either a short-sleeved T-shirt with a fleece and gloves if it's very cold, or a long sleeved T-shirt with or without a short-sleeved T-shirt over the top if it's not. These are not very good if it's wet, though, as they're cotton. Trouble is, I'm very small and am having trouble finding 'technical' clothing small enough to fit me. Even a standard women's size 8 tends to swamp me, and I haven't come across any manufacturers that produce a petite range of women's running clothing!

    If anyone can help I'd be most grateful.
  • I ran the Honiton 12K a few weeks ago in torrential rane & stiff wind. Thought about wearing extra clothes, but in the end just wore vest & shorts. Got a bit cold waiting for the start, but after that it was fine. Other runners were discarding clothing part way round as they overheated....
  • Minkin
    try the website or possibly .com - its advertised in the back of RW. I don't know what size they go down to, but they might be a good starting point for you.
  • Gaz.Gaz. ✭✭✭
    I allways just wear tech tee shirt and shorts at all times, rain or shine.
    I was out this morning in the pouring rain, a bit cold for first 3 or 4 mins then I was hot and sweaty as usual.
    Pesonally I dont think its cold at all yet, to me its cold when you get 3 foot icicles hanging from houses and my tash freezes, then I might put a top on, and never leggings.

    I saw a lad out running this morning he looked like he stepped of a north sea oil rig, how do you run in all that stuff?
  • Gaz - I think you hit it on the head - how do you run in all that extra kit? Especially when it gets heavy with the water. My leaning after all the comments so far is to stick with the shorts & top approach and take a risk on getting cold - I tend not to feel it too much like you.

    I ran a 10k the other evening when it was very parky so slapped the tights and windproofjacket on - but as I sweat a lot I found this was running down the inside of the arms, out through the cuff and soaking my hands - most unpleasant. Not doing that again - will stick with fleece if I need the extra layer on top.

    Now, what about using vas to stop the chafing?
  • FBF, I think it depends how fast you are going to run and how sensitive your extremities are. If you are going to do sub 1:40 then I would have thought shorts and vest supplemented by gloves (or old socks used as mittens) and a hat would be adequate in all but sub 0 conditions. Otherwise a long sleeved wicking top, such as a Helly, under the vest might be prudent. Waterproofs,tights and tracksters are for training and fell races.
  • Well I was hoping for 1:45 but given the forecast, I'll settle for 2hrs. I did think about a hat and gloves - have a very lightweight, Polarstretch (fleece with lycra) hat which is great. Very warm, light and thin - can even be worn under a cycle helmet. If I get too hot on the bonce I can always carry it (or stick it down the lycras and frighten the natives!)
  • FBF Glad u started this thread as i 2 am running BG1/2m on sunday and was wondering what to wear.
    Guess i'll look aout the window and decide on the day
  • JohnBoy - I'm doing it with the missus, and she will only object about throwing 2 entry fees away if we don't do it! It's her 1st half anyway so she's up for it. It's not the weather that actually bothers me, but what to wear - having spent 30 years playing rugby in all sorts of wet and muddy conditions I think I can take a spot of rain. Just hope those showers are working after, and they're still hot by the time we come in.
  • Same here, I'm doing the Stroud 1/2 this Sunday. I've been monitoring the weather and thinking tights & waterproofs or shorts & vest?

    The problem with waterproofs is I do tend to overheat in them if I'm running at pace and I normally end up wrapping them round my waist after about 10 minutes of running. But if it is cold I'll probably settle with a long sleeve top as Wurzel mentioned.

    We'll just have to wait and see.
  • Well at least the rain held off but that wind! Tad strong to say the least and completed the course in 1:52 so outside my target of 1:45 but not too bad in the conditions. I have to say a big thank you to the organisers - excellent stuff. Thanks for everyone's input to this thread as well. Now - any other halfs south of London before the year end?
  • Well done FBF, it was hard running in the wind yesterday. I surprised myself and just got inside my target time of 1:40 by 1 second, smashing my existing time by almost 9 minutes!

    I think I'll get a few XC runs in over the next few months as well as the odd road race. Don't know about any halfs coming up, check events section.

    Just to let you know, I ran in shorts and a long sleaved top which was fine in the conditions yesterday, the challenge was trying to stop my number from blowing away!
  • Well done MadKat - excellent time. Although I was outside my target, my time was 10 mins better than the only other half I've done which was the GNR 2 years ago - and that was in superb conditions on a flatter course. I did lycras & T-shirt, as it wasn't cold but the number was rattling a bit in the wind. Will check events but next stop is Brighton 10k on 17/11 - hope the wind's not blowing on the seafront as that would be vicious.
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