Heart rate during running

So I went for a quickish run yesterday and noticed the following with my HR and was looking for some thoughts… 

ran the first 10 mins slow as and HR built up to around 165
ran the next 30 mins ‘hard’ (breathing heavy) and HR sat at around 175-180 for the whole time. 
ran the final 30 mins slow as but HR stayed around 170, despite being able to chat happily and not at all out of breath. HR only came down at all when I came down to barely a jog.

I’m 43 years old, so my max must be somewhere around 180. Is it normal to be able to maintain that high HR for so long or is it just an indication of lack of fitness?

<div>I’m fairly new to running but given I can happily run for a couple of hours at 10 min mile pace, I’m clearly not completely unfit (although very slow), so not really sure what the deal is?! </div><div>


  • No, you're max HR isn't 180, I see higher than that on an easy run and I'm 73.

    If you really want to use HR you need to do some research, plenty here on this forum or internet generally, and watches are not a reliable indicator, you'll need a chest strap.
  • If you want to check your HR when you running then there is a simple calculation. Just minus your age from 220, you said your age 43 so your HR will be 220-43=177 bpm, and you check your HR when you running hard is 175 to 180, so your HR is normal, and when you rest your HR will be 72 to 75, if it has happened then your HR is normal.
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