sports exhibitionism

It is a thing right!!  girls have been doing it forever and now us guys we get to have our turn.  I get thousands of looks and smiles where ever I go.  It gives me a rush.  I get all the testosterone pumpin' thru my blood and especially when we see you girls all sexy and lookin' hot . we love you girls for that. It is a great feeling being checked out and turning heads.  I love it any where at the pool, gym, running and exercise in general . I teach so it is part of my thing and since I have embraced the socially accepted levels of showing off it is amazing what you can get away with.   I think it is healthy and it is what drives us to be out there and it is not unlike animals in the mating game. I strut my stuff and you respond in kind. I do get a few odd looks from other guys and frowns and awkward moments.  but on the whole it is a driving force behind our motivations to go out and look good. many long chats with complete strangers everywhere so it can't be bad.  I think it is a thing and you girls show us how . time for guys to be brave and give back and show off too. 


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