Runners World watch.

Yee-ahhhh! I've just received my free Runners World watch for subscribing. It's brilliant. Thanks alot!


  • Such sarcasm!
  • Saves putting a quid in one of those fairground grabby things.
  • No seriously. It's good! I'm very easily pleased don't you know.
  • GavoGavo ✭✭✭
    Just wait til it breaks halfway through a race.
  • RS, how long did you have to wait after your subscription? I'm a little worried by how long I have been holding my breath.
  • Oh the cynicism!

    Is it a lap timer? split timer? Egg timer?
  • My first edition of my subscription is due next month.

  • Mine came through before I got the first edition of the magazine.

    I think it is fine for a beginner - before that I was using a very small watch with hands - easy to be two minutes out!!!

    And mine is a nice blue, which co-ordinates well with my running outfits - always an important consideration

  • I'm not bothered whether it's colour co-ordinated or not. As long as it tells the time, that's fine by me.
  • SR - mine's the blue one. I got another freebie from Mens Health, before I cancelled the sub to it, the MH one is much more tasteful, black and silver. The blue one really is a bit OTT for my taste - I'm wearing it nonetheless, you know don't look a gift horse in the mouth etc. I think it's really a reverse GPS device as anyone could find me in the fog with this blue thing on my wrist...
  • You can stop worrying on my behalf. My watch arrived this morning and I started breathing again.

    I have not used it in acion yet but I already foresee a problem: At my advanced age, with failing eyesight, and eyes watering in the wind, the digits are on the small side and may be subject to optimistic misinterpretation. But perhaps that's really an unexpected benefit.

    As you say Sythree, one rarely gets something for nothing, even if it is turquoise.
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