tell me I'm not doing something silly :)

Many months ago when I was running 2x times a week (about 4-5K each time), I signed up for a 10k race, thinking I have plenty of time to train for it. Then life happened and I forgot about it up until last week, when I got my race number in the post.

I've never really run 10k, I believe my longest run was 7k which was probably in 2020. I first started running in Nov 2019 but I can't say I am a runner as I had months when I only ran 2-3 times a month. Over the past couple of months I ran maybe once a week (again 5k). I do play tennis 2-3 times a week so I am not a couch potato but still...

So I am running tomorrow the Hampton Palace 10K. My goal is to finish it and I don't care about the time as long as it's <90 minutes - which is the cut off time, but I am panicking last minute and thinking maybe I should pull out? Do you people think it's silly to even run, given my lack of training?

What would you do? thanks.


    Run it, you'll be fine.   Don't set off too fast, run to 5km, take a little walk and then walk/run to the finish if you're too tired to run all the way.    Just keep the pace down and you'll finish.   Enjoy.
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