first marathon

Does anyone have any ideas for a good first marathon?-flattish course,enough people to get lost in but not too many.
North of England would be handier.


  • never done it myself - but lots of people swear by (& at :-) ) Nottingham, Robin Hood Marathon - there's been loads of threads on it so if you search from the forum front page I'm sure you'll find people that know

    good luck
  • GavoGavo ✭✭✭
    Manchester is supposed to be OK - I think it's around Sept time so the weather shouldn't be too extreme either way.
  • Manchester v good. Go for it.
  • Blackpool in June. Agree about Manchester so depends on what time of year you want to do one really. Avoid Leeds, two nasty laps (sorry Monique)
  • Blackpool is a good flat course, but depending on your speed, you could end up running much of it on your own.
    It was the 23rd June this year.
  • Dangly. The reason you spend so much time on your own is because no-one can keep up with you!
  • Think that should be "THAT no-one can keep up with you". Its 22nd June next year. Blackpool that is. I'll be there.
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