Big toe tendon pain ONLY in specific trainers


I know I'm not unique, as one running friend of mine suffers from this too. Whether it's a rare issue though.... I guess I'll discover.

My issue only exists when I run in trainers where the tongue is stitched to the main body of the trainer with either stiff stitching/glue or the tongue is considerably overlapping the front section. If I run in trainers where the tongue is almost seamless my problem goes away. I've been able to work out which trainers are bigger offenders by running my fingers inside them feeling from the inside if there is a ridge.
It would appear that as the trainer flexes during the foot strike the ridge momentarily press down on the top of the toe whilst it is doing all its flexing goodness. I assume this inflames the tendon over time.

Is this a rare issue? Do other sufferers never use trainers that are built like this again, or just infrequently for short runs? Does the problem subside quickly?
I've taken 2 weeks off - from a condition of barely being able to walk and now I can run again. So it doesn't seem to me to be a bad niggle. Unless I've been lucky?
Does stretching help anyone? Due to this being a pressure point inflammation, I've not got any tight muscles that need stretching???

I think the term is "Extensor Tendonitis". But I'm only guessing/google diagnosing.

I've spent most of my running life (2005-2019) only wearing Mizuno's. Looking at a couple of pairs that I have in my shoe rack they are both 'seamless' (I never thought to check older ones, which have long since been binned). I may have been lucky when I loyally stuck to them. 2019 onwards I've been brave enough to try some diversity, which is when I've stumbled upon other issues/preferences (such as this).

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