Thursday 30th December 2021 Scoop, Muck and Dizzy and Rolly too


Lyrics: Scoop, Muck and Dizzy and Rolly too
Lofty and Wendy, join the crew

Another Christmas novelty number one, following yesterday's: Benny Hill with Ernie, the fastest milkman in the west.

What: probably short and easy

Why: being kind to my legs
Progress is rarely a straight line. There are always bumps in the road, but you can make the choice to keep looking ahead.


  • Afternoon - just about

    Had a nice run in the meantime Ale?

    Back later, for now:

    What: outdoor cycle in a few minutes
    Why: finally stopped raining and mild temps
    Last hard: city earlier to get belated xmas pressie
    Last rest: 30.12.21

    Lyrics: no
  • Afternoon!

    Enjoy the cycle, Hazel!

    Run was very much going through the motions for around 20 minutes. Just a leg loosener! Dry...but not underfoot! Some paddling involved! Waterproof socks help!
    Rain due any minute by the look of things!
    Progress is rarely a straight line. There are always bumps in the road, but you can make the choice to keep looking ahead.
  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭
    Emz - solid session yesterday!
    Hazel, Ale et al, it would appear that rain is the over riding theme this week

    What - 8 easy (road) at lunchtime , some more jogging round with the club session tonight
    Why - miles
    last rest - 14/10
    last hard - yesterday's mud slog took more out of me than I thought. Stuck to roads today and just took it easy.

    lyric - regrettably yes. Of course I should have got yesterday's too!
  • Safe travels, Els and OH.

    Enjoy the cycling. It's very mild here too all of the sudden. It was minus 11 at the weekend now it's plus 11. Weird.

    Nice bit of speedwork, Emz.

    Doing doubles, Dustin?

    Yes to lyrics :) 

    Just a gym sesh for me today. It's been raining all day and I need to up the s&c again. I don't want wobbly arms and legs  :D  
  • Evening catch up time whilst digesting a vat of polenta (yumm)

    Good you stayed dry from above Ale. Would you recommend waterproof socks?  I just get soggy ones and put up with them but I don't get cold feet and am not overly blister prone.

    Hope that is a nice easy club evening then Dustin. How is the hammy in the meantime?

    It felt very much like spring Chicksta, definitely nice after the last few days.  I should likely check for wobbly bits too!

    Hope Els and OH are travelling well.

    Before I forget: well done on the speedwork Emzap: nice consistency!

    Have a nice evening all.
  • Final leg on the boat home! Little bit rocky.
    I wear waterproof socks in winter on v muddy trails and they keep your feet warm if not totally dry. 
    2m was all I fitted in before we left this morning...travelling all day apart from a brief lunch stop but the cafe we had banked on was shutting for 2 weeks so not much choice left. Still we would have been getting grumpy without it. Not looking forward to the cold house on return but has been good to see half the family!
  • emzapemzap ✭✭✭

    Very late post from me, way past my bed time!

    Just a mile here today. Did buy some new hiking boots though after mine had been soleless for nearly 2 years 🙈

    Tomorrow is the end of daily December mile, but think I'll carry it on, I'm enjoying it. Need to pair it with a lot less cake though as I need to lose about a stone...

    Hope you're journey home was ok els and oh.

    Ale I think I know the lyrics. Am I right in thinking it's something Lucas may enjoy?

    Can't believe it's the end of 2021... Well almost!
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