Not Again....

Hi all...

I am 53 and am thinking of running again.. I ran a few years ago for about a month but i ended up hurting my Achillies and i then stopped. When i started i started with approx 3k and i thing it was too much too soon. Can anyone give me tips on what is the best time length or distance to start with ... Any First time tips to help would be greatly appreciated. Im thinking about 3 times a week just for about 20 minutes a time. Is this wise... My aim is to loose about a stone and a half. If it helps i am 5"4' and currently 11 st 9 ilbs and the aim is a flat tummy and 10.5 stone..

Cheers for the tips every one..


  • TTTT ✭✭✭
    Hi Steve, my physio, a marathon runner whole heartedly recommends the couch to 5km programme. I have used it to return from surgery, injury and laziness! 

    It's a good place to start, and one of the runs can be a ParkRun which is really encouraging (unless you are in Wales). 

    If you are a member of a gym ask one of the gym trainers for some weight bearing exercises to complement the running. 

  • I'd also definitely recommend the C25K programme. I'm 47 and used it last year to start running (during june and July). I'm now running 5ks about 3 times per week, with the odd 10k thrown in. Really enjoying it and feeling a lot fitter.
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