Saturday 22nd January 2022 ...and don't you come back


Lyrics: ...and don't you come back
No more, no more, no more, no more

Another boy's name. Yesterday's lyrics were Abraham, Martin and John, Dion Dimucci, and covered many times, eg Marvin Gaye.

What: probably another half an hour

Why: Seems to be what I'm doing at present
Progress is rarely a straight line. There are always bumps in the road, but you can make the choice to keep looking ahead.


  • Morning..

    Wabo will be off in a few minutes, good luck with the sub 30.

    Have a nice run Ale.

    What: short recovery d&d, walk and turbo later
    Why: staying active
    Last hard: FIL had an op on Thursday to remove a kidney stone. (Partly succesful). Talk is now that he might have to have that kidney removed.
    Last rest: 17.01.22

    Lyrics: no
  • chickstachicksta ✭✭✭
    Sorry to hear about your father-in-law, Hazel. How old is he?

    Hope Wabo is having a good race.

    Consistent half hour runs are not the worst thing, ale.

    Managed my longest run on bionic feet, ie since the op 😊

    22k and for once I felt really strong throughout and wasn't dying in the last 5k. Pace is coming together a well - av 5:48. Still a bit slower than I'd like but right now I'm happy not to see another 6min k for a while 😉

    Yes to lyrics 👍🏻👍🏻
  • alehousealehouse ✭✭✭

    That's a decent long run and at a decent pace, Chick! Well done! You are getting a decent training block in!

    Sorry to hear your news, Hazel. Hope that there is a decent outcome. 

    What: 35 minutes including 3 faster sections

    Why: I said yesterday that I needed to do some quicker stuff so bit the bullet and decided mid run to throw a few quicker sections in. Not particularly quick but a start!

    Hope Wabo's race went well and look forward to a report! And from any parkrunners or other racers.
    Progress is rarely a straight line. There are always bumps in the road, but you can make the choice to keep looking ahead.
  • No news from Wabo yet! Hope it went well.
    Lyrics yes.
    Hazel, I hope not, Peter has had many kidney stone procedures but no damage to kidney itself.
    9 miles out in Stromness with some friends. Nice route, part trail so got my new shoes christened, helpfully they turned up yesterday. Parts challenging with a strong wind and sadly our planned take away coffee came to nothing as the shop was shut! Inconsiderate.
    Chick sounds speedy!
    Rest of the day seems to have sped by, weekends pass so fast sometimes especially when its still dark by 4pm.
    Off to start cooking now!
  • alehousealehouse ✭✭✭
    edited January 22
    Identity crisis, Els?!
    Sounds a tough but enjoyable run! Quite dark here all afternoon, not helped by light drizzle. Managed to dig over a bed, remove some bushes and plant five cordon fruit trees. Good cross training?

    Hope Emz and Lucas are ok! And Wabo is busy writing her report!
    Progress is rarely a straight line. There are always bumps in the road, but you can make the choice to keep looking ahead.
  • Ale - something like that!
  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭
    Hazel - wishing the FiL a speedy recovery
    Chick - good progress, the pace will come back!
    Ale - decent consistency, well done with the faster bits!
    Els - nice running!

    What - 20.6 miles (mostly trail)
    Why - tick the LSR box
    last rest - 14/10
    last hard - guess...
    Opportunity knocked to get a few hours in. Rather than aim for roads, took to the undulating trails instead. No killer climbs but enough ups and downs for a decent workout. Happy to tick the LSR box and pleased with the pace (sub 9 m/m)
    Tomorrow's Sunday XC league race will be a "recovery" :D 

  • WaboWabo ✭✭✭
    Sorry all went straight from race to sons to do some more tube feeding of a very happy Giselle! 
    Very pleased today as I did 29.54 and felt really strong. Evening before had some wine and few too many crisps 😱. Could have done better without all that in my stomach lol. 
    Wow Dustin that's some trail miles well done!! 
    Ale busy busy!!
    Chick great running with the bionic feet! 
    Hazel sorry to hear that about your fil. 
    Nanna duties again tomorrow so I'm not sure what I'll fit in
    Lyrics yes
    Night night
    possunt quia posse videntur - we can because we know we can 
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