tempo run, just a quickie

I'm just coming back from a calf muscle tear & my physio says I can now use the x-trainer in the gym.
I'd like to do the equivolent of a tempo run. What heart rate should I try to keep excersising at and for how long. My resting HR is about 47 & max approx 180/185.

Thanks PM


  • PM,

    When I've used gym equipment to cross train (mostly bike or eliptical trainer) I found it really hard to get my heart rate anywhere near where it would be when running (my resting and max are nearly the same as yours). The best machine was a sort of Nordic ski thing, which was a lot like running.

    Other people will give you better advice on HR, but I'd just be careful that in putting in lots of effort to get your HR up to a tempo running level (about 85%), you don't knacker your calf again. Maybe a more gentle return would be better?

  • Pizza man, I use tempo runs to practise race pace for 10K/1/2 marathons, the 'tempo' in question being the pace/HR I race at. I've never tried to replicate running on a xtrainer but in terms of heart rates I would run:
    1 mile warm up
    4-6 miles @ 80-85% WHR
    1 mile warm down. (actually I rarely end up slowing down in the end, but carry on with a bit of a sprint at the end, while the going is good)
    If I'm doing a 10K practice I would aim more for 85-90% WHR.

    Hope your calf is better soon.
  • I do the same a Laura for my tempo runs. Are we working from the same book, Laura?
  • Had you considered using the treadmill instead of a crossttrainer/stepper/skiier? Might be bettter
  • For x-training I find using the rower gets my heart rate up close to running levels, on interval sessions anyway. Low impact and very good cardio session.
  • Thanks very much,

    I'll try, 15 min warm up, 30 mins @ 80/85% with 15 mins cool down. If that goes allright I'll go for the 30 mins @ 85/90% a couple of days later. If you both use it, it can't be bad.

    I know what you mean Neil, but it's something I need to do. Physio said that I could start using the eliptical trainer from Sunday. I'm fed up with the pool & the bike in the gym and I can't get a structered tempo seesion on my off road bike.

    Editor, if I could run, believe me I Would.
  • PM,

    Re "but it's something I need to do"... I know where you're coming from! I was injured recently and under physio's instruction to rest. Two weeks of zilch didn't seem to make much difference so I just thought, stuff the advice I'm gonna go running. First time out was a bit iffy but in three days I was fine! Not suggesting you do that too - but I tend to treat what the physio says now as "advice" rather than "orders".

    By the way, I can't work out what machine you're going to be using.

  • Dangly - like everything else I've picked up about running, I got the tempo running ideas from the forum! Maybe from you at some point!

    Pizzaman don't despair - Tim Noakes (see running book recommendations) 3rd Law of Injuries reads: 'Rest is rarely the appropriate form of treatment. ' On that controversial note I'll leave.
  • Tim Noakes for Prime minister!

    Neil, it's the cross country ski mahine thing with the arm thingys, the moving foot wotsits and the handy place to put your drink & towel.

    It's particularly annoying as I'd only been running for 10 weeks having just got back to fitness after a 10 week lay off. Now here I am again, 3 weeks into what will hopefully only be 6 week lay off.

    Mind you if I hadn't been injured I'd have never have found these forums. Every cloud's got a silver lining.
  • Hi Pizza Man, havent got a clue about your question, but wanted to wish you all the best for your recovery from your injury, NN
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