Cross training post ankle fracture, advice needed

Hi all,  had a bit of a mishap end of last year and although the NHS have been great I'm not too sure what I should or shouldn't be doing now.  My diagnosis was a bit late and I ran when I thought it was just a sprain, which wasn't clever, I know.

 Just wondered if anyone has been in a similar situation.  Time line was:

21st November, Running up a muddy, undulating hill, rolled my ankle.  Hurt like hell, limped home.  Swollen, X ray carried out next day, not broken.  Diagnosed as nasty sprain.  Three days off work.  Then back, but badly hobbling for 2 weeks.

A sore month off running, too keen to get back.  Then 3,4,5,9,10 milers around Christmas time.  Ankle swelled terribly.  Another X-ray 31st December, got results 20th Jan, fracture showed, so had taken a while, as stress-type injuries do, to be visible.

I'd been at work on my feet 40-50 hours a week at work all through this time.  MRI shortly after confirming it.  Undisplaced fracture right of distal Tibia.  It's been recorded as a stress fracture, but the consultant agreed it wasn't a true one as was the result of a ankle eversion rather than something that came on slowly.

So the initial injury was now 12 weeks ago, but I without doubt made it much worse when I commenced running at Christmas, 7 weeks ago.  That's when I realised I'd most definitely hurt myself, and what I consider the start.

Signed off work for a month (fortunately my only long absence in 17 years), and have been sat indoors.

Just wondered if I can use my static bike?  Am I allowed to walk?  Online it says avoid walking?  I haven't really got access to a pool near me.

I'm SO worried about overdoing it as I didn't do myself any favours at all with running on it.  I have crutches, but it seems at bit late now.

Anyone been in a similar situation?  How much weight did you try and keep off it? and what did you do?



  • TTTT ✭✭✭
    Not had experience with ankles but been on crutches for hip surgery and a broken pelvis (different events). Also I am not a medic so this is my experience not medical advice. If you can,  pool jog, I know you say you don't really have access but even once a week will make a difference. Find a really good sports physio, mine is also a runner, and do whatever they say. Mine also has an Alter G so I could run at zero gravity, means you are doing the action with no stress. 

    Don't know about the static bike, but I would have thought cleats would put your ankle in a stressful position???
  • Thanks for the advice, I will try to get to a pool for pool jogging and swimming, even if it's once  a week.

    Agree with you regarding static bike,  I think even on a fairly low resistance it puts quite bit of stress through the ankle.  Mine is grade 4 which is worst apparently, so have to be careful.

    I am doing upper body weight and core stuff I've always neglected, so that's something!
    Just need to find out when I'm allowed to walk.

    I will find a good sports physio.  I have been prescribed some on NHS by the consultant but was told the wait is substantial unfortunately.
  • Hi Linton Travel Tavern!

    Ouch. I’d agree with TT. You need to see a physio (decent sports Phsyio as well vs NHS) either in person or online asap.

    I’ve used an online physio/strength & conditioning coach service called P3RFORM Service is completely online but you get access to an expert coach/therapist who will create an individualised programme for you to follow. You track everything with them the app as well.

    Where in the UK are you based?

  • I would strongly recommend speaking to a physiotherapist about a suitable cross training plan.You can also check here to get the absolute advice on what to do. Depending on the severity of your injury and the healing process, they will be able to provide you with appropriate exercises and activities to help you safely and gradually increase your activity level.
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