Should I aim for a PB?

Finally able to ask a question...(what a hassle that was)...

Some context
I'm currently training for Manchester and have ran many marathons and a 100k before. Run 4 times a week with a half PB of 1:37. My marathon PB is 3:42 and I tend to struggle with cramp toward the end for some reason.

Current training
Three runs in the week -
One sprints sessions typically 200m, 400m or 800m repeats at pretty fast pace.
A run at Goal Pace of 8:00s
And a session of 9:00min miles followed by around 7:00 etc.
Long run at weekend -
I do 80% steady at 9:00s (which im certain I could hold for longer than a marathon) then 20% faster at somewhere between 7:20 and 6:50.

Having done the above (particularly the long run) for 20+miles for the last two weekends could/should I aim for a sub 3:30 marathon @ 8:00mile pace?

I'm concerned I'll be fine for the bulk of it but then blow up before the end. I've found my best runs always start slow and speed up so was thinking of going off at 8:15 then bringing it down over time.

Literally any thoughts or comments appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


  • BellaBella ✭✭
    I think you're schedule is a bit packed full. How long are you planning to have per like like time wise? It is important to set yourself an achievable goal so that you don't feel a bit disappointed by the end or can't run next time because you are sore or have injured yourself. Send me a message with your thoughts and i'll get back to you.
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