Chances of a sub 1.30

Recently signed up to the great north run..

Besides the odd 5k jog have done very little training over the last 3 years.

Half Marathon PB. 1.31 about 15 years ago with minimal training.

If sprinted a 5k now would probably be about the 22 min mark. Done a few half marathons about 3/4 years ago where was around the 1.40 mark but never had a structured training plan and training was minimal / no long runs

40 years old now. Would aiming for a sub 1.30 (race in 6 months time) be very unachievable? Or is it possible to improve so much over 6 months? Despite being 40!

Suppose one thing I never did in the past was long runs. Fully aware time is against me to achieve such a goal!

Thanks :)


  • You can do nothing but give it a bash ! 

    I started running 18 months ago going from not being able to run 2k to just finishing a 1/2 in 1.40.

    To finish 1.30 would be a struggle I think. 6 months more training I think that would be ambitious (for me) but if you are starting from a much better base...

    41 years young as well...
  • Christine5Christine5 ✭✭✭
    I Think if you responded well to training (assuming you’re a man) and managed a solid block with long runs, plenty of easy miles etc., you can achieve a lot in 6 months :-)  
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