pelvic stress fracture recovery

Hi, looking for some advice from anyone unfortunate enough to have had this annoying injury...

During the pandemic I embarked on a pretty ridiculous streak of running 10k every day for something like 250 days. Unsurprisingly I had various niggles during this time but nothing bad enough to actually stop me from running, hence I probably kept going longer than I should have. In mid-december I started to get some pain around my hip, which then extended to the very top of my left leg, just underneath my backside. I put this down to a niggle and carried on running but by Christmas I could tell that this was an injury and stopped. I thought it might have just been a hamstring pull so at the end of December and a bit in January I made a few attempts to resume running but it wasn't good so since then I've been swimming every day instead, which is fine but I really want to return to running.

In early Feb I saw a physio who said this was highly likely to be a stress fracture of the pelvic bone and told me to stop running but said that it would probably be impossible to get a scan before it would heal anyway. I've managed to keep myself from running since then apart from a very short 3k a few weeks to see how it felt. It just seems to be taking an age to heal. It isn't really painful anymore, but there's still a discomfort, it doesn't hurt when I walk at all but it definitely does hurt when I sit down for long periods. In fact sitting down for a 1 hour meeting is far far worse than doing a brisk hour's walk or an hour's swim.

Just interested to hear how others got on with this injury as now that Spring is here I am really missing the running!



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    Hi Gary

    Bit different, I came off my bike last year, double fracture in my pelvis, back running on the treadmill at full weight after six weeks. On AlterG treadmill after a week. All under the guidance of my physio, and there was a lot of physio, at one point I was seeing him three times in a week. I went to A&E after 24 hours (I thought it was a brushed glute!) 

    My physio can direct refer to our local private hospital, yes you have to pay but they can MRI scan in about a week. 

    My view, find another physio, mine is a runner and makes sure I can run! Also, don't want to concern you, but has it healed correctly? Part of the issue could also be if you have not been doing the physio to keep your muscles working then that could be adding to the pain as they have to work again. 
  • Thanks for the reply. I was worrying about whether it had healed correctly. I asked the physio if there were any exercises I should be doing and he said no, but that the swimming was fine. It doesn't hurt at all while swimming or walking now, but does hurt when I sit or if I attempt to run.
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    Hi Gary

    Don't like contradicting physics, as I am not a medic, but the A&E consultant, a runner, told me to do whatever my physio said. My physio put together masses of exercises for me, starting with moving my leg an inch to the left and right ending with me jumping off blocks and catching balls! There was progression every time I saw him. 

    Where are you based??
  • I really expected him to give me some exercises and actually wanted him to as then I'd feel like I was doing something to help with the recovery! I'm in Bedfordshire
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    Ah, no good recommending my physio in Hull then! Then again, knowing the physio world it might be worth giving them a ring and asking if they know anyone in Beds? Flex Heath. 

    I would def expect exercises, there are some on the internet from the NHS for a broken pelvis which I found. 

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