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what can i do to get the motivation to run? I struggle with this.


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    No one can invent your motivation for you. And if you don't like running, then your motivation must be very meaningful to you.
    People tend to run because:
    - they like to run
    - they want to be healthy
    - they want to lose weight
    - they want to feel that they are doing something important and useful
    - they want to achieve their childhood and youthful dreams - for example, to take part in a marathon or other event
    and so on
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    Hey! Saw this YouTube video yesterday that has some good tips to stay motivated…

    Having a friend to run with and noticing the positive effects on my mental health have definitely helped me keep going on days I haven’t been feeling up for it
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    Getting motivated to run can be challenging, but start small and set achievable goals. Try finding a running buddy for accountability or join a local running group. Mix up your routine with fun playlists or scenic routes. Consider trying walking lunges as an alternative exercise to build strength and endurance. Also check this article for some more insights. Remember, progress takes time, so be patient with yourself and celebrate small victories. You got this!
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