Pain in front outer knee just below skin

Hi all,

For the past few weeks Ive noticed this burning pain in the front outer part of my knee. It feels like its just below the surface of the skin, so not inside the knee. (which I presume is a good thing!)

The odd thing is is that it doesnt affect my running whatsoever. But it is a sudden, sharp, burning pain as soon as I bend my knee at a certain angle - such as when I lift my foot up to tie my shoe lace or when I put my socks on.

Does this sound like the IT band?



  • Could be loads of things mate, could be runner's knee or a mild sprain in one of your ligaments but regardless you should probably consult a medical professional because self-diagnosis is never a good idea
  • I have the same thing! Only yesterday did I realise it was probably an IT band issue and not a suspected cartilage tear under me knee cap. I’m happy to know I might be able to sort it myself!

    I found this yesterday and it’s fantastic.

    I’m doing this three times a day.

    Next up is some foam roller action and loads of strengthening excercises.
  • tuffnelltuffnell ✭✭
    Thankyou! Ill have a look at the video later.

    Ive found ibuprofen helps, but I guess thats just masking the situation. As I say, I dont feel it at all when Im running/cycling/going around my daily business, but when I bend my knee to a certain angle its a sudden pain.

    Ill try those stretches.
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