Need video coaching for stretching & strength training to prevent running injuries

Hi all - Eighteen months ago, I couldn't run one whole mile without stopping and being out of breath. Two months ago, I was able to get up to 7 miles non-stop at a pace of 9 minute per mile. Awesome! My chronic problem has been I've never been one to stretch, in general. That got a tad better when I really got into running, but I was already so tight before (can't even get my fingers past my knees if bending over) that of course I injured myself. I went to PT and bounced back quickly. However, my back and hamstrings are still tight (and aggravated my previous injury). My last run (5.5 miles) was two weeks ago.

Another issue is generally my muscle weakness below my waist. I used to have a gym trainer and all of my muscle groups were strong which would help prevent running injuries. But now I don't have the time to go to a gym due to work schedule and have gotten weaker.

Question: Can anyone recommend a good on-line (youtube?) video series that can show me the better stretching techniques for runners and also strength training I can do at home. Think of squats with kettle bells, bridges and so on. I'm even willing to pay. I have several weights up to 10lb and a gym bench at home. I thought about buying a few kettle bells. I’d like to run 2-3 days a week and then do strength training at home 1-2 days. With lots of stretching every day as well.

I really need to get a hold on these two problems or I'll just keep injuring myself and I’ll never get regular runs in.

HELP!! Thanks!
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