Trying to get a mile time down from 6 minutes to 5:30 or below

Hi people,

A couple of months ago I took up running more properly and I'm loving it. I play 6 a side football twice a week but noticed my speed and stamina slightly reducing and nearing 40 thought it was time to supplement it with running to keep up with the 20 something year olds!

So I started off timing one mile runs using Runkeeper and Strava around my local park, my first one was 7:20 which wasn't terrible but my first challenge was to get that down to 6 minutes as soon as possible. Within a few weeks I had eventually got it down to 6:20 which felt like a plateau for a bit, and then two weeks ago I took it to the tarmac along beach and got it down to 5:55 one day and then a 5:49 a few days ago.

My next challenge to myself is to get it down to 5:30 eventually however I felt like 5:49 was an absolute struggle and was definitely the fastest I could manage at this current time!

Does anyone have any good tips on getting my pace down to a 5:30 or better? I've seen that doing two 800m at my target pace could be a good one with an interval between which you then reduce but open to any tips or ideas?

I've also started doing 5ks (only two so far) but first one was 22:56 so would love to also get that down to 22:00 or better one day!

I've chosen to start a bit late but better late than never :smiley:

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