Marathon Training Plan

Hi there, I'm looking for a free marathon training plan in Kilometres rather than miles. They ALL seem to be in miles but I really hate working in miles, it means nothing to me - kilometres are far more logical. I know I can convert from m to km, but I'd end up with odd runs like 6.4k.
Any help would be much appreciated. I'm hoping to run the Barcelona marathon in March 2023.


    Just drop the plan onto a spreadsheet, then convert to km.  Then set to round to nearest km (decrease decimal) and you'll have whole numbers.
  • I'm aware I could do that, but was hoping someone might know an existing one in km. Surely not everyone uses imperial old-fashioned measurements? I just want a ready made plan in kilometres. It's a much better unit.
    Why not write your own plan.   View a few to get ideas and then write your own in km.

    I'm not sure why you think km is a much better unit!!!  It's just a different unit.  Km/miles, pints/litres, what does it matter?
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