What to expect from Physiotherapy

I've had a few sessions with Sports therapists as a University. They've put me a plan of exercises together to strengthen my weak glutes to relieve pain I'm getting that feels like Piriformis syndrome. However, I feel going there is a waste of money, as all I do in the session is the exercises they gave me, in front of a therapist, who says well done a few times, and then I go. Is this normal? I could do that at home.
What should I expect from re-habilitation sessions, surely more than that?


  • AlleviAllevi ✭✭
    It's good that they give you at least some exercises to do. Some doctors are afraid to take responsibility for the patient, and prescribe him bed rest.
    If you understand how to do the exercises correctly, then try to negotiate with your doctor so that you can do them at home at the end of treatment. I don't know if this is possible in your case.
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