Snowdonia Marathon Eryri 2023

I missed seeing a 2022 thread so thought I'd start one for 2023.
First item of business - this from the Marathon's FB page (for those that aren't on FB!)

The 2023 #SnowdoniaMarathonEryri ballot is now live via this link and via the button the website homepage
REMEMBER: there will be a week for you to register, with the ballot closing at midnight on the 8th of December. There will be one entry per applicant and the results of the ballot will be announced on January 1st 2023
Pob lwc!
Mae pleidlais #MarathonEryri 2023 bellach yn fyw drwy'r ddolen hon a thrwy'r botwm tudalen hafan ein wefan
COFIWCH: bydd wythnos i chi gofrestru, gyda’r bleidlais yn cau am hanner nos ar yr 8fed o Rhagfyr. Bydd un cais i bob ymgeisydd a bydd canlyniadau’r bleidlais yn cael eu cyhoeddi ar Ionawr 1af 2023
Pob lwc!


  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭
    Hello.  Does anyone still use this forum??  I'm not on facebook.

    But I am in Marathon Eryri 2023!! 
  • Hi T Trex, I've been wondering the same thing as it's been so quiet here - understandably given recent circumstances I guess. 
    I did manage to see (and get a hug and chat with) Run Jono at the end of last year's race, which was great, but haven't heard a peep from anyone else.

    Congrats on getting in to the 2023 race! Hopefully some of the other regulars will have been successful too.
  • I see from the marathon page on facebook that Disco Stu is running this year too, but it seems this forum has sadly flatlined  :(
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