Knee injury - Out since August


I have been out of running since August and its pretty sad times and something I have struggled with mentally but that's another issue.

I have had an MRI, blood tests for osteoarthritis which came back negative and I have been doing physio which doesn't seem to be getting anywhere and I have followed everything that have said to the letter. (My next appointment is this coming week) My consultant has advised if no improvement by January 10th then they will look at key hold surgery on my knee.

The MRI stated it is suggested: Diffuse oedema of the patellar bone itself is seen. Minor degree of subchondral oedema noted on the lateral facet of the pattelar with a superficial surface of the articular cartilage appears intact. There are no specific features to suggest aetiology. Seronegative arthropathy and osteitis can give these appearances. Direct trauma could not give these appearances. Appearances are not classical for avascular necrosis.

I feel like keyhole surgery is the likely result now and my consultant said on my last visit if there is no improvement they will look at surgery as there could be stuff going on that did not show on the MRI scan.

Has anyone had the issues above and got back to running? I have tried googling the terms and it seems like I have some bruising and the bone is the part taking the brunt of this. Is key hole surgery likely to help me out. I mean nothing else is working!!!


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    No personal experience but with the waiting lists for surgery I can only assume that your consultant wouldn't be advising surgery unless they thought it was necessary.   I do know runners that have had knee surgery and returned to running successfully but don't know the details of the injury/damage that was repaired.
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    You usually won't find good news on such forums. They do not return to posting on forums. When I had my tibial osteotomy, I searched the internet for information. I have been on many forums. All were bad news about botched operations. When people are successful, they move on. Just do that your doctor will say you but remember the key to a successful recovery is physical therapy. It's imperative to have an extensive and regular therapy program. Note that small dosages of Glucosamine and Chondroitin sulfate can be beneficial to help support connective tissue growth in a general way
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    I find glucosamine sulfate https://shopwellabs.com/products/glucosamine-chondroitin-with-optimsm-pills to be the absolute best thing for my knees. Go figure
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