music on the run

I just bought a used garmin 245 watch from ebay. It was advertised as the 245 music but when it arived it was the base model so it can not store any music.

But it was still a fair price and I like the watch so I desided to keep it.

I find my phone too large and heavy just to carry in a pocket it just bounces around too much. I could improve things with a phone armband but many years ago I used to run with an ipod nano and it was perfect.

what is a modern equivilant to an ipod nana. something that can use wireless headphones would be even better


  • Dave928Dave928 ✭✭✭
    I use a Tayogo s3 headphones with built-in mp3 player. Bit old school, and a bit fiddly, but it does the job and suits me fine. I bought it from AliExpress, they might not be available any more but there are similar ones on there.
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