Exercises for breast surgery recovery - and for the dog!

Just had 'minor' surgery to remove a large mass from my left 'breast' [I don't actually have a breast there as I had a full mastectomy 18+ years ago]. Surgeon has said no running for 6 weeks, to allow things to heal fully. I can't do much of my usual pilates either as a lot of stretches, etc involve the shoulders and chest muscles.

I also have a 2 yr old labrador, who is used to running with me for up to an hour every other day. So far he seems quite chilled and isn't being a pain, but I miss our runs together. Once I'm back on the road, we'll use the C25K programme to get going again, so will be a gradual return. I'll be doing some 'schooling' in the back garden to keep him occupied - and hopefully train him to walk better to heel as he can pull at times.

Any advice on what I [and he] can do together to stay fit? I've suspended my gym membership for a month but I suppose the one thing I could use is a static bike? I hope to do lots of walking - to work and back - and longer walks with the dog too.
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