Emu oil

Does anyone know where I can get some of this, do any of the high street stores e.g. Boots stock it.


  • www.pioneertrading.co.uk

    Tis good stuff
    Live each day as if it was your last  give it all you have to reap the rewards.
  • my ex-masseur used it

    mind you, he was also into crystals and other such rubbish

    its absolute pants... if you cant get some, try rubbing a roast chicken on your legs, that's essentially the same thing and it should realign your chakras just as well
  • candy
    you must rid yourself of this aggression

    yeah, Zipvit
  • ommmmmmmmm

    its working a bit

    i did tell him to keep his hands off my chakras, which amused me more than it did him

  • hippo swings a rose quartz crystal to disperes love and goodwill
  • are they worth anything? i know a good fence, so watch out i might nick it

  • Hippo puts her earrings back on
  • I dunno why you think it's pants, it helped me with my achilles.
  • don't believe you

    not saying you are misrepresenting the truth, just that the tendonitis getting better and the use of emu oil aren't necessarily connected

    (i went for a run on the day some US troops found saddam hussein in a hole... although these happened at the same time i'd be doubtful if you tried to tell me they were connected)

    if you did a scientific survey where you a) did nothing b) massaged it with no oil c) massaged it with baby oil d) massaged it with emu oil, and showed positive results, i might

    personally i have had two bouts of tendonitis clear up using methods a) and b)
  • CO

    Each to there own but there is no need to mock folk that it works for!!
    Live each day as if it was your last  give it all you have to reap the rewards.
  • Livens the place up a bit, though, doesn't it?

    [reaches for the baby oil to help candy with c)]
  • wasn't mocking anybody - stating an opposing view on the subject

    and anyway, how can i mock those it works for when it doesn't

    if you can prove it works then i'll happily retract and eat a whole bottle of snake oil, or whatever it is... but i bet ya can't

    an afterthought, benz might correct me but i get the impression from the (very few!) double blind clinical drug trial reports i've read that placebos usually register a marked effect

    ...hence it might actually work, but as noted rubbing a roast chicken on one's legs would be cheaper
  • err,

  • Yes candy
    you are correct about placebos
    they even cause side efeeects
  • Thanks for the tip, guys. Have just ordered 1500mg Placebo capsules from Zipvit.
  • I wish someone would rub baby oil into my aching muscles! :-(

    Is it me confusing a placebo effect with a medical effect or you interpreting an observation in such a way that it fits your hypothesis Candy? :-/

    Whatever, my achilles is better, and how much is due to oil and how much to ice baths don't matter!

    Been running on the (shingle) beach this week, has made my achilles even stronger, bl00dy sweaty work I can tell you.
  • Thanks for your responses you barmy lot, I went to Boots and Holland & Barretts last night, no joy, will try again over the weekend,if not will order from internet, I have a skin problem and its supposed to be good for healing.

    Bryan if we used baby oil as a placebo I could rub your muscles and you could rub mine and then we'd both be sorted.
  • Bryan I shouldn''t get too excited, I'm probably old enough to be your mum,
  • Drats!

    Mind you, do you *look* old enough to be my mum?! That's the important point!
  • Where do we get these placebos? Maybe this truck has some, turn it over!

    [copyright the simpsons, 2002]
  • just scanned messages and noticed someone mentioned pioneer trading so full info is pioneer trading
    5a high street
    ln4 4le

    01526 344971/fax 01526 345613

    email: sales@pioneertrading.co.uk

    i know this not cos im sad and desperate but cos they sent me some samples like their "blue active" muscle and joint rub.

  • How old are you Bryan?
  • Oh dear, never mind, my eldest daughter is older than you, so that makes me uuuurrrrmmmmmm old. I suppose we could do a Graduate.
  • Get back to you on that one.
  • I've been using emu oil on my hamstring and to be honest not convinced it's made any difference, hamstring is finally easing a bit (6 weeks gone) but is that simply due to time?
  • I Think I with CO on this one - whose sense of humour I admire.

    But never underestimate the power of the mind, I think by wearing a certain pair of boxers shorts my football team will win, I of course know this is complete rubbish but I continue to do it.

    I am not insane and I generally think that alternate medicines etc.. are fraught, but if in your own mind it offers a placebo then why not.
  • Sorry WW, that was rather ungallant of me!

    Until there's a clinical trial to prove the efficacy of Emu Oil or otherwise, I shall continue using my cold bath// emu oil combo as necessary.

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