Another back pain related post..


New here and hoping I can find some advice for my lower back pain! I've trawled through endless forums and websites but not had any luck as yet.

I've been running on and off for about 5 yrs but seemed to have developed some back pain over the last 4/5 months. Seems to come on whilst running, right side, lower back/upper pelvis region. Sometimes I run and it's absolutely fine, other times it's to the point where I have to stop mid run because that region is so sore. It takes a few days to settle down, but even after all that there is still some mild soreness.

I have been to two physios, without any luck. Ive tried an endless list of stretches and excercises for the core inc glutes, hips, psoas, QL.

Outside of running I am and have always been very active, gym, football, badminton. My work is desk based so I do spend the majority of the day sitting.

Really hope someone on here can give some direction on how to get over this!


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    Can't really help but I would suggest that you start doing Pilates, couple of classes a week if you can.   Will take a while, several months at least but should build core strength and maybe help with your problem.

    As sometimes there is no pain, at others it stops you mid run, to me that seems it could be more like a nerve problem?
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    Thanks shades. I will give pilates a go, but having focused on my core for the last few months without any noticeable change in you can see my reluctance to commit/motivate myself through another 6 months of it!

    I'm fairly confident it isn't nerve pain but happy to be proven wrong. The sensation is very much of soreness till the point it almost seizes up.
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    Ali - I'm guessing the physios you've seen haven't really given you a diagnosis?

    Maybe you could see an NHS physio through your GP's surgery, most you can self refer.   A NHS physio could refer you for a scan, although you might have a long wait, or if they thought it could be a medical matter refer you to GP. 

    Must be very frustrating.
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    Nope have not had any diagnosis through them. One advised to work on flexibility and the other suggested to strengthen my core but neither have yielded any positive results. I am contemplating getting a third opinion. I recently moved jobs so waiting for my medical insurance to kick in and will get a referral to go privately.

    Appreciate the help shades!
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    Ali - that's great news on the new job and you'll be able to use the medical insurance.

    I think a third opinion is a good idea, what's what you need is a diagnosis.

    When that happens, please come back and let us know.   Good luck
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    I am a qualified sports therapist, I would suggest it's tight glutes, piriformis and QL. I suffer from this myself when running and have had lots of issued with it. Both the larger glute muscles piriformis (small gluteal stabilising muscle) when over worked and tightened over a period of time can become painful.

    Shortened and tight glutes will pull on your lower back. Gently stretching and either foam rolling or trigger pointing with a ball will help, also stretch gently your QL as advised this will probably be the muscle that is giving you pain and tightness. I see this often in my clinic, I would suggest a Sports massage would also help a good qualified therapist will be able to release and relax tight muscles. Can you tell me what you do during warm up and cool down?
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