P & D Autumn Marathon 2023

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New thread, seeing as i have a marathon in less than 6 wks at Goodwood on Sept 17th and then Abo 5 weeks later.


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    TR - Good man setting up the new thread! No changes ultra training wise, just trying to log enough long easy miles, with a session each week thrown in.
    Macca - Top work at LL100.

    Easy 14 miles today.
  • OuchOuchOuchOuch ✭✭✭
    Macca - Another phenomenal running feat. 
    TR - Good one on the new thread. Goodwood getting close.

    Barnstaple Marathon for me Oct 1st and then a personal favourite Gran Canaria 6 weeks later. 
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    Easy commutes all week as last sundays trail race battered my legs. i kept it to 4 and 4 yday as the mileage was getting a bit high and my legs had stopped aching but were tired. Havnt run a long run for a few weeks so 21m today, became a heavy legged affair late on but to be fair my legs were tired before the start, due to the Welsh hills (last week), trail race and today bringing up 95m for the week (decided on Thursday to ease back a few miles to avoid a possible ton).
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    Well, I was umming and ahing about which marathon to do but then got injured (same thing as early 2021 - a mix of hamstring tendon pain and something else, maybe SI joint, lower back, groin, god knows...) so I'm glad I didn't. Still hoping I might manage a half but right now it's two steps forward, one step back with the injury, and I've not even tried running, so not great. Took ages to get right last time and I expect the same again.
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    That's a shame, I feel for you as I've had plenty of running affected by the complaining body this year.
  • TR - thanks for the new thread, decent weekly mileage. Would love to join you at Abo but alas.

    Sorry to hear Cal - physios that spot the problem are worth their weight in gold, good luck if you are going down that road.

    Steve - you sound on it, great stuff.

    OO - Gran Canaria sounds inviting (no offence Barnstaple) will have to combine some winter Sun and a marathon one year.

    New York for me, 5th Nov.  So good I want to run it twice. 

  • 1SteveMac1SteveMac ✭✭✭
    TR - Big mileage from you!
    Cal - Sorry to hear your injury issues. Hoping they clear up soon so you can get back to it.
    OO - Winter sun does sound good!
    Macca - Epic stuff, how many majors would that be this year? 4?

    Did 22 miles on Saturday, 19 easy then decided to finish with 3m at MP, struggled to kick down, but did 7:25/7:13/7:08, probably working a bit harder than MP based on HR. Easy 6 miles on Sunday to bring up a 62 mile week.
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    Macca, they are - unfortunately I can't afford physio at the moment. I'm trying to live off less than £50 a week (groceries/laundry) after all the bills I've had, so luxuries like physio are out. Anyway, back to playing games on my PC for a bit.
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    11 miles with 2*3m at MP-10s, this felt tough today with heavy legs, so was surprised with 6:47 and 6:43 pace for the first and second reps.
  • 1SteveMac1SteveMac ✭✭✭
    14 miles this morning, nice and easy pace.
  • That sucks Cal, hope you are seeing at least signs of improvement.

    Steve - yes 4 majors, Berlin and Chicago to go, maybe next year.  Well done on the MP, always a pleasant surprise when the tough runs come out better than expected.

    Trying to introduce a bit of speedwork I did 5@LT today, felt tough but came out a bit quicker than similar in the spring so hopefully still on the improvement curve.
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    Well done steve you're putting the work in

    Macca - I'm not sure if im more impressed with your running or your ability to make the disposable money to fund such a year of adventures.
  • TR - lol I've not made the disposable yet, 0% cards are smoothing out the peaks and troughs.  Could be worse, I've a Berlin entry that I'm just about to defer and I turned down an invite to Chicago for the Wanda Age Championships.  

    I squeezed a 15m in yesterday, legs felt it today and I'm going to squeeze a 20m in over the weekend, will likely have to be before the footy.
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    Macca  - that lot would have tested the credit and the annual leave, not to mention the brownie points at home

    I had IoW 1/2 Today, and had the standard tired and slow day 4 wks out from a mara. IoW 1/2 is hilly, has 5 or 6m of trail and is hot with an 11 am start and I reckon comes out pretty close to mp. In 2019 1.27.4X converted to 2.55.1X as Abo 8 wks later, last year's 1.26.4X  put me In 2.54 shape for VLM, but i got ill. Today was 1.28.4X, was a tired affair, I boiled over in the sun on a big climb at 8m and eased off it a bit mentally (and physically) as no point thrashing myself in a slow hilly build up race. Maybe it will turn out to be mp after all, but I've run a lot of miles, hills and double days lately o kind of expected it......Top day out with an afternoon at the seaside, and it's a proper day out (8am to 6.30pm) when it has a train ride and ferry ride at each end of the day.
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    Macca - Berlin one of the cheaper options!  So Berlin and Chicago next year?  There's a possibility one of these could be the Wanda champ race for 2024 - along with NY  - as Abbott have signalled its to be an Autumn marathon and are going to reveal before the Berlin marathon.  
    TR - Nicely done, considering recent training and travails.  That's in the onion bag.  
    Steve - Going along nicely and rewarded with some good training pace. 
    Did a P&D style long run yesterday. 10m out @ 7.25 then back 5m @ 7.15 and 5.3m @ 6.55.  A warm sunny day here, so ran my local trail, which has a turn left to Padstow,  with lots of sunshine, pretty views and lots of people or right towards Bodmin, more trail, shade and relative calm, right it was.  

    Looking to do Boston as my first US marathon in April, ideally Macca style with a London follow-up. 
  • 1SteveMac1SteveMac ✭✭✭
    TR - Nice HM, considering the temps etc.
    Macca - Nice mileage.
    OO - Nice long run.

    Did 24 miles on Saturday, then another 8 miles on Sunday to finish off a 66 mile week. That's my last big week, will start to ease off now.
  • TR - good enough for a top 15 placing even with easing off and a bunch of (there or thereabouts) MP stimulus, sounds like a good day out.  AL is ok, CC and BP are definitely in the red.

    Steve - good LR, all the best with the taper.

    OO - I'd left the Berlin flights a bit late to book so they weren't far off trans Atlantic prices and the date didn't work so I've now secured a 2024 place. I've got a time qualifier for Chicago so hopefully one of them or NY will be the champs.  (Might see you out in Boston then 😂).  Top progression run, always a nice feeling to control the pace like that.

    I squeezed in an 18m with 10@MP just before the footy yesterday.  I'm not a huge fan of early runs so reasonably happy with 6:35 Ave for the MP bit.
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    We'll done steve, you've put in a quality build up

    Macca - nice one on the mp, a taper and a number will make that no quicker still

    I checked back and ydays HR was a good few beats lower than last yr, and more like marathon av, and my legs felt ok for 10m this morning, which isnt my normal run the day after a hard HM.
  • 1SteveMac1SteveMac ✭✭✭
    Macca - That MP run sounds good.
    TR - Sounds like you bounced back well from the HM.

    Easy 8 miles this morning.
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    Solid week post 1/2 mara with a few 10s, one included 8m steady, then a moose fartlek Thursday. Needing a ling run or 2 yday was 21m as 5.5m easy, 10m tempo, 5.5m easy. The 10m came out av 6.36, but was progressive (first 2m is toughest) with 5 approx 6.45, 5 av approx 6.27. HR was decent, so shaping up for the b of the bang in 3 wks.

    Did todays easy run on the turbo to give my legs a change of impact.
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    Well, I'm not doing an Autumn marathon as you know but I have at least started back running again. Jeffed a few runs then ran a continuous parkrun on Saturday, 4 miles Sunday and 7 today. No ill effects so far. So I'll probably still have a crack at Ealing half in four weeks, though it won't be fast. 
  • TR - that's a really strong run, must be a confidence booster going into the taper.

    Cal - good to see you are back running, I'd forget about pace and just build endurance and time on feet.

    Too much time and energy spent in the garden doing jobs (and probably a few too many sherberts) meant delaying my long run to today.  Hammy wasn't happy at all the bending over so will have to cut back on gardening and any other non-running jobs, kept the 20 in the comfortable effort zone and feel better for it.
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    Macca - Cutting back on gardening is always a good idea. Good one on the 20.
    TR - Strong run, really good 2*5m segments.
    Cal - good news.

    20 for me too @ 7.25 mm, as due to too much travelling up north missed my long run last week. Nice feeling a BH long run, still getting paid whilst running. 
  • 1SteveMac1SteveMac ✭✭✭
    TR - Sounds like a great long run.
    Macca - I always end up feeling more tired after gardening than I do after running 20 miles!!
    Cal - Good news.

    Like TR I did a Moose Fartlek on Thursday 3 min reps at 6:06/7/16/11/10 and 1 min reps at 5:55/49/56/6:03/5:45. Then did 17 miles on Saturday and 6 miles on Sunday for a 50 mile week.
    Today was an easy 8 miles.
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    Good news cal. I used a few races in the spring as build up races coming back from injury.

    Macca - well done for getting it done on Monday, if i don't run long early Saturday it won't happen.

    OO - same comment to you, top work on a bank holiday afternoon. 20m at a pretty steady pace is impressive.

    Steve - i always think your training paces show you could race faster......my moose averaged last week were 6.16 (1.22 pace) and 5.59 (low 37min pace), I was pleased with them and reckon im sub 3 fit. You have done the medium long runs that I havnt and hit faster moose paces. You should find a HM in a couple of months and try to find your limits rather than run within them. Maybe a 10k first which you could use for comparison first?........i think you can go quick, you just need to realise it.

    10m yday, 12x3min today within 10m.
  • 1SteveMac1SteveMac ✭✭✭
    TR - Are you running the moose paces as HM for 3 mins and 10k for 1 min? I've been doing HM/10k pace for 3 min reps and 5k pace for 1 min reps. But appreciate the comment, I'll have a browse for a 10k.

    Just an easy 8 miles today for me.
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    Steve - i run the session to feel and record the times. I don't run to target paces. I'm just saying my reps came out at those paces. 6.16s is approx 1.22 and I ran a 1.22 early July. Don't think i could go much quicker for the session........there is a tough rule of thumb where you should expect to see a 16sec per mile increase if you double the distance, so my 1.22 should give a 10k pace around 6mm, and my 1min reps were av 5.59.

    7m easy today.
  • Tidy paces both TR and Steve.  IMHO Steve, another training block and there's a sub 3 waiting if you wanted it.

    OO - I like that way of looking at a BH run.

    I ran a local 5k Weds evening hoping for close to 18mins so very pleased with a 17:50 which, excluding one park run, is a PB and 2secs quicker than 18 months ago when I was in marathon PB shape. I might have stumbled into something approaching decent shape.  It was the first of a 3 run weekly series so I'll have to see if I can repeat it.
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    That's sharp Macca, maybe the way to train for 5k is to run 100m races.

    Thurs was 12 (inc 9m steady) and 5m, 8m and 5m yday, and then 20m as 5.5 easy, 10m steady effort (av 7.01), 4.5m easy for a big few days......time to ease off 2 weeks to the b of the bang.
  • Macca - Great running there!
    TR - Another great week, including a good long run!

    Just a short 11 miler on Saturday and 4 miles on Sunday for a 38 mile week. Also just waiting for entries to open for Windermere marathon, but I'll use that as a training run for an ultra rather than PB attempt.
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