Achilles - shoe connection?

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Hi, been away from the forum for a while. A quick update, 4 years ago I was running 100 miles a month, competing in H Marathons and generally quite active, Covid set me back a bit but my running is not what it was.
I have generally used Nike Pegasus shoes and currently using Pegasus 37s. I seem to be recently plagued by achilles pain. It was so bad 3 weeks ago that I stopped running altogether. I am supposed to be doing a 26 mile walk in aid of a charity next month. I don't want to let anyone down.
In view of this I went for an 8.5 mile walk with short jogs which seemed OK at the time. This morning both achilles were painful, not just the left which makes me think perhaps shoe related.
The Pegasus 37 has a 10mm heel to toe drop which isnt excessive, I have heard that a higher drop and better heel stack can help. I was thinking of getting some trail running shoes for the walk perhaps with better ankle support and stack etc. Any advice?


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    james - 10mm would be considered a fairly high drop shoe.   I don't think you'll find much higher, maybe a 13mm but would 3mm really make that much difference.   And a higher stack may not help either

    I have no personal experience of Pegasus shoes

    I would suggest seeing a physio, there are other causes of achilles injuries apart from shoes.

    Good luck, hope you get sorted in time for your charity event walk.
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    Thanks.  Will do if I can find one locally. In the meantime will have to take things steady.
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