Thursday 7th September 2023 xxxxxx xxxx, up high in banana tree.

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Lyrics: xxxxxx xxxx, up high in banana tree.
xxxxxx xxxx, you sit all alone like me.

Another creature!

What: probably around half an hour easy

Why: easy day

Currently raining.
Progress is rarely a straight line. There are always bumps in the road, but you can make the choice to keep looking ahead.


  • Morning 

    Ale just beat me 😉 
    Save for another  day

    What something short soon
    Why before it gets too hot
    Last hard forget they sometimes  merge you forget. 
    Lyrics very familiar 
  • Lyrics no!
    Hope you're back with us soon Hazel.
    Sunny day, may take a trip west coast for a run.
  • Back 

    Garmin connect reckons it was 21° did feel warmer

    But 3.6 miles done 

    WP nice to see you back. Take care though
    Wabo great to hear about your daughter
    Dustin  have a great time
    Chamolk nice to see you too 
  • Afternoon,

    Wowser it is hot 30 degrees again here!! I got out early to run.

    Pammie: Great running.

    What: 43 minutes  in zone 2

    Why recovery
    Last hard Covid.
    Lyrics : why yes I do.
    ALF: Always a little further
    Miles makes smiles.
  • Thanks for your thoughts in the last few days.  I have settled down a bit in the meantime.

    Was house stress (that fell through - the seller had already decided she didn't want to sell to US (don't ask why, it isn't pretty) but let us scrabble around for days (financing) rather than inform us.  Plus running related stress - often a topic of debate - it is sometimes hard living with a non-runner and everything deteriorated into a big row.

    A good rant whilst out with some running buddies on Tuesday certainly helped.  We are also on vacation as of next Thursday - a badly needed one.  We might already have found an alternative house candidate - that can wait though.  Just a sneak preview yesterday evening as we drove past and briefly lurked to look at it from the outside.  The current owner spotted us and invited us in.  No rush now pre-holiday though - even if we might lose it.

    I've done little running in the last few days - just the one Tuesday outing so far.  Probably good to take it a bit less seriously for a while.

    Hope all are ok - will catch up a bit.

    What: maybe a short pootle later
    Why: see above
    Last hard: the last week
    Last rest: 06.08.2023

    Lyrics: no
  • Hazel, sounds like lots of sources of stress there! Sorry to hear about the house and hope the next one is more promising. Can be tricky living with a non runner too or one who is frustrated because he can't really run much anymore but we usually manage to put differences behind us and sure you will too. xx
    your heatwave seems to have landed here today, 23C which for Orkney is different! Went for a 10 miler along the west coast, I would say only about 60% ended up being running a combination of lack of fitness/unaccustomed heat/going out in new shoes which have been great for hillwalking but seemed to make me go down a lot of rabbit holes on the run! Still it was sunny and beautiful and a lot of folk were out.
    Since been indulging in a little light gardening, cutting grass and trying to cut a bush back but couldn't quite reach the top even on top of a chair. 
    Wabo, hope Giselle and your daughter are doing OK in hospital. At least she has you to hold the fort at home.
  • hiya
    what - easy 4 miler
    why - long day, stretch the legs needed 
    last rest - 16/08
    last hard - 2:30am wake up 😂

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