Non-fixed-route events

I’ve posted this in the events forum but haven’t had any bites so thought I’d try here.
I was hoping somebody could point me towards a website or resource where I can find no-fixed-route running events (usually trail running) please? If people want to list them or drop links here then that would be fantastic too. Ideally in the Peak District area and ideally anything up to half marathon distance.
3 such formats examples would be:

- where competitors have a fixed period of time to get round as many waypoints as possible in their own chosen order. Or similarly, where there is no time limit but they have to get round them all (again in no predetermined order).

- where there is a fixed start point but no end point; ie they just have to get as far away in any direction in a fixed time period

- where competitors are driven blindfolded from a start point and dropped at random locations and have to find their way back.

Many thanks.


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