Vo2 max on Garmin watch

My vo2 max on my Garmin watch seems very low given my fitness. I have been told this can because the maximum heart rate zones might be set at a wrong level. So would setting these to a higher beats per minute improve the vo2 max or lower it still?I can't quite work it out! Thanks.


    Garmin only guesses your VO2, you need to have a lab test to get accurate data.
  • VO2 will be based on your HR/Pace combo on Garmin, if your zones are not set correctly that will impact. Worth noting it'll take a good 4 weeks of data to get a decent reading from it...

    Max HR value will also need to be set correctly. 

    I let my Garmin set my Max HR and best way to do that is run with a Heart Rate Monitor which gethers accurate data.

    Another way is to find a session you've really pushed, find the max HR value and add about 5 - that'l be your max HR 

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