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Monday 4th December 2023 Who draws the crowd, and plays so loud


Lyrics: Who draws the crowd, and plays so loud
Baby, it's the ...

Yesterday: Part of The Union, The Strawbs

Sounds like a tough run yesterday, Dustin!

What: whatever M78 decides

Why: run in company, although not looking forward to the conditions. Wet and feels like temperature of -3.
Progress is rarely a straight line. There are always bumps in the road, but you can make the choice to keep looking ahead.


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    doesn't sound too nice Ale.  Take care if it is icy.

    Well done on the LSR yesterday Dustin.

    What: gentle LSR for me today, will be cold dark and icy - will likely do multiple loops of a flat bit of tarmac if I feel ok to drive to get there, otherwise undulating village loops
    Why: back up yesterday's race
    Last hard: yesterday
    Last rest: 30.11.2023

    Lyrics: no
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    Morning again!

    Take care out there, Hazel, both because of the conditions and after yesterday's race!

    What: 73 minutes with M78

    Why: LSR. Weather was kinder than forecast and at 3 degrees the ice was almost nonexistent. Found it a bit of a slog today. Cumulative fatigue?
    Progress is rarely a straight line. There are always bumps in the road, but you can make the choice to keep looking ahead.
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    DustinDustin ✭✭✭
    Ale - tidy run today. Could be right with the fatigue (see below). And I think it's a bit milder today too
    Hazel - take it easy today after yesterday's race

    What - 6 miles around the Isle of Dogs
    why - recovery
    last rest - 21/09
    last hard - yesterday
    Felt so much better than yesterday which was a slog from start to finish. Today was comfortable. 
    Like Ale, I suspect a hectic week and a busy Saturday (Kent & back to see Dad/family) added to the fatigue. 
    Yet we move on.

    Also Wildlife adventure yesterday : saw a tiny hedgehog in the garden. Following rescue centre advice , picked it up and weighed it , just 270g - they need to be 500g+ to survive the winter. That centre was full but said try other local hog sancturies. Managed to find one near Reading so dropped him (her) over there and hopefully they make it through. 
    We usually get a few in the garden most evenings (spring-Autumn) but not at lunchtime in December....
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    Dustin hope the hedgehog makes it 
    Ale/Hazel  take care out there

    What 1 mile
    Why easy day (down to 55 hours recovery  from Garmin 
    Last hard  yesterday 
    Lyrics I do
    This was on one of my parents LPs loved this song 
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    WaboWabo ✭✭✭
    Evening all
    Lyrics yes, I love this song too Pammie
    Dustin hope your run was good, bless ya for joining after that hedgehog
    Alehouse reckon it is that fatigue! 
    What did you do on the end hazel
    What about 4.25
    Why still chasing that 1,000
    Last hard that
    Last rest 28 12

    possunt quia posse videntur - we can because we know we can 
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    All good - I plodded an HM distance - a few more km would have been good but I was getting cold due to the conservative pace.

    Good of you to take care of the hegehog Dustin.  That does sound little.

    Cumulative fatigue sounds familiar somehow.

    Report from yesterday - sorry for the longwindedness..

    Flashback to mid-August 2023. I DNSed a 10.5 k due to 32-33 degree heat on race day. I hadn't raced since mostly due to a much needed holiday during the main autumn racing season and a lack of training due to the everlasting hot summer not doing good things for my motivation.

    1st Sunday in Advent in December 2023 saw me intending to pin on a number again for a pre-marathon tune up race. And again the weather gods were out to get me. The days pre-race featured heavy snowfall with plenty of the stuff remaining lying around. Sunday was dry but bitterly cold with max temps of around -3 degrees. I don't mind running in cold temperatures but I was sceptical about the underfoot conditions. I half expected the race to be cancelled and made sure to check the evening before and the morning of the race.

    Nope, race going ahead. I considerably dampened my expectations down to maybe jog around and at least try to stay upright, packed warm clothes and trail shoes and set off on Sunday mid-morning.

    The Steinhölzlilauf is billed as a end-of-season race running in its 33rd year in 2023. A number of different distances are available with short ones for the kids on the track, a short course of 5.3k, diverse relays and the main event of 10.5k. The course of which has been tweaked a bit over the years, I last ran in 2018 over 10k. It is an undulating 3 lapper with half on the roads and around half on decent forest paths in a town park with a decent up and down then onto the local track for about 3/4 of a lap and back out again.

    Having arrived in plenty of time I decided to check out the conditions and jogged around one lap. Ok – a bit slushy/icy on the road section -just need to take a bit of care on the odd corner and runnable on the icy woods section even if traction up the hill wasn't great. I wasn't planning on thundering back down the hill anyway. I spent the rest of the remaining time pootling aaround the track and otherwise trying to keep myself warm.

    I was glad once we were finally on our way – I lined up sensibly to start fairly conservatively (for once). With quite a few DNS there was plenty of space from the outset, I actually got dropped off of the back of a group fairly soon but decided to let them go rather than struggle to keep up. Lap 1 was about finding the right effort level. I certianly noticed my lack of recent hill training on the first up section, I couldn't run it harder without losing traction on the ice anyway. Back down safely, around the track and out again for lap 2. By now I was running with a small group of men of differing ages , no ladies were in sight ahead and I was concentrating on the footing too much to want to look behind. This lap was about keeping things ticking over and keeping enough in reserve for the last lap. The ice was actually becoming a bit easier to run over. I relaxed a bit and started to enjoy the surroundings. Every now and then the trees would dump a load of fine snow on those below, bit like running through a cool shower. I had got the clothing exactly right as I was warm but not overheating / sweating either. The numerous marshalls on the route did look a bit frozen though. On the hill during lap 2 I was overtaken by first man – he flew up it and was gone – wow. He is a reigning orienteering world champion though. By the end of lap 2 another 3-4 zoomed past, with other pedestrians and runners on a fairly narrow path it wasn't always easy to stay out of the way.

    I was pleased to get going on lap 3 – just one more hill. With that in mind I couldn't take off the handbrake though really, I was starting to get tired anyway. I did at least manage to drop a couple of my male companions though. I think one of them went back past on the final metres on the track but never mind.

    Over the line in 54:04 officially. 22nd lady of 68 and 6th of 15 in my age group. Decent enough considering the names taking part and I am right at the end of the F40-49 group now.

    I did consider doing a cool-down but with the race still going on the track was blocked and I didn't fancy another lap of the course (and another go at the hill!). Coffee and cake were more tempting anyway!

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