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The Runner's World team


Is softer normal for a worn out Hoka Mach ?

I have started to suspect my Hoka Machs maybe past their best at only 325 miles/524 Km (I can usually get 500 miles from most shoes) but I'm never 100% sure unless there is obvious wear and tear on the upper or outsole worn through, so I often wonder whether I have just binned a perfectly good pair of shoes . Luckily I have another pair of the same shoe with many less miles on (about 150 miles). So I did the obvious and tried one from each pair on a different foot (didn't run just walked around with a few jogs). What I found was really surprising, the older shoe actually felt a fair bit softer and less stiff all round, I was expecting it to actually feel harder, as that is the sensation I have been feeling when I was running. So in your experience would you say this softer shoe is dead despite the squish. It does however feel almost like its a lower stack height shoe ! The sensation I get with the old one relative to the new one is that if I stepped on a small stone I'd feel it in the old shoe and not in the newer.


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    It's not possible to really judge the life of a shoe by a worn out/scuffed sole.   Some runners scuff their feet and that wears the sole.   Some brands have far more durable soles than other brands.   The life of the shoe is defined by its support and cushioning.   If you feel that your old pair don't support or cushion you comfortably then it might be time to ditch them or maybe just use them for short runs and use the new pair for longer runs.
    I've had Hoka shoes before and got up to 700 miles with them, but not the Mach, which I've not tried.
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    Yes upper and outsole are doing ok. But it seems like the midsole may have come to the end of life. As mentioned it hasn't firmed up, quite the opposite, so maybe if I hadnt had the same pair in better condition I may not have noticed, but they feel very different
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    Maybe you could contact Hoka and see what they say .   I always think of Hokas as high mileage shoes and like you I would expect 500 miles from a pair. 
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