Adidas Footscan

How good is the Adidas foot scan for analysing your running style. Better or worse than video gait analysis?

Any ideas/comments?


  • Perhaps mine was not a good experience (I'm trying to be polite!)
    I found the kids serving in the shop could get a lovely coloured picture from the machine but could only try me in Adidas shoes - their exertise stopped at that point. I ended up going elsewhere where a real person videoed my feet whilst on a treadmill and offered me lots of different brands of shoes to try, finally putting me in one very good shoe.
    I'll stick for gait analysis.
  • I found the adidas footscan quite useful (the guy serving me was more helpful than the ones helping DS by the sound of it)
    He brought out three suitable shoes and let me try them, mixing and matching the different shoes without a sense of hurrying me along.
    The scan itself was detailed and he did explain it all.
    It was free so you could give it a go and if you feel like you're not getting a good service then just politely decline the shoes they recommend?

    (for the record, I haven't done video gait analysis so can't compare directly to that)
  • Well, I went on the footscan in a running shop the size of an average bathroom! I found it impossible to land on the pad in the middle of the shop with the correct foot whilst trying to run normally!?! I ended up on their treadmill instead, highly embarrassed. Surprisingly though they did sell me a pair of trainers and I have had 4 pairs of the same shoe now so something must've worked as i had knee probs before and don't now (touch wood-FLM sunday!!!)
  • I've had both done at the same time. They tell you different things. The video showed the mid-foot over pronation. the foot scan showed the propensity to favour the big toe on push off better than the video did. One can supplement the other.

    For better results, a 3 camera protocol looks interesting
  • Many thanks.

    I had the footscan done on Wednesday at the FLM Expo.

    I was curious to find out other peoples experiences and comments compared to video gait analysis.

    I did buy the recommended running shoes, so I guess the proof will be in the pudding. Just need to wait until after London to break the new shoes in and start training in earnest again.
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