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hi all
i ran the london marathon this year and have since run a couple of 10ks and the Dublin half marathon in september but I am no longer running at all!! I do a couple of runs on the treadmill but i need to motivate myself to start again. Any tips?


  • posting here was a good step!

    theres so many people with helpful suggestions so keep posting
  • Just the usual tips... usual because they work.
    1. Join a club.
    2. Set some goals and milestones.

  • Find a running partner - here's a good place to try!
  • Should imagine after FLM, any other sort of road running would be a bit of an anti-climax so try something different like cross country or fell racing. If you joined a club as well, there's invariably cross-country leagues this time of year. You can get back to pounding the streets next February.
  • I found that after the FLM my training lost direction so then focussed through the summer on the Bristol Half Marathon. This worked really well but once that was over lost focus again so have had to set sights on particular races that are coming up and try and train specifically for them. I thought the article re 4 structured runs (long run, recovery run, tempo run and speedwork)in this months RW was also really helpful.
  • GavoGavo ✭✭✭
    Getting into a routine, even once a week might be useful. If you have the facilities at work to change & shower that might be good as once I am home I lose any enthusiasm that I had. Alternatively, you can go out on Sundays for a bit.

    It might be worth checking the events near to your home on this forum to give yourself something to aim for.

    Other than that, I agree with what the others have said about running in groups or finding a partner.

    Good luck

  • I'd add no 3 to Wurzel - put on your shoes, get the door, and rediscover what you've lost. It doesn't take long.

  • I know its too late now, but its worth taking the time in January say to plan for the year ahead. Ok, you won't know exactly what dates races will fall but at least if you've got a year plan and you have entered a few races for after a major race (eg first/London marathon) you'll feel obliged to keep on running. I'm planning to do my first marathon next year and I know damn well that if I dont have something planned for after I'll suffer the same motivational crisis you're going through.

    In fact I was rather pleased to read Carries message. I thought it only happened to me!.
  • Thanks Guys. Will be putting on my trainers for an outdoor run this week!
    But in the meantime I have a different challenge ahead... there is a special hallowe'en event on at the gym
    30 mins of bodypump (weights)
    40 mins spinning
    20 mins cross training
    15 min abs
    15 min cool down
    All this might kick start my lazy ass!!
    See you on the road ahead!
  • Good Luck Carrie!
  • When I started running again (after a lay off of about ten years!)I did many of the things mentioned above but two things really helped:
    firstly a chart in the kitchen with 2 statements and space to tick the one that applies today - the statements were I didn't want to run & feel good that I didn't OR I didn't want to run but feel good that I did - no prizes for the one with most ticks
    Secondly I chose an event and got sponsored to raise money for a cause affecting someone I know. The peer pressure of sponsors and personal expectation of my deserving cause made sure I trained enough to make it to the start line.

    Good luck
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