Which week?

1 1 Bay City Rollers Bye Bye Baby
2 5 Sweet Fox On The Run
3 2 Guys And Dolls There's A Whole Lot Of Loving
4 10 Goodies Funky Gibbon
5 4 Kenny Fancy Pants
6 3 Moments And Whatnauts Girls
7 8 Jim Gilstrap Swing Your Daddy
8 11 Peter Shelley Love Me Love My Dog
9 7 Rubettes I Can Do It
10 9 Duane Eddy Play Me Like You Play Your Guitar
11 16 Mike Reid The Ugly Duckling
12 13 Elton John Band Philadelphia Freedom
13 12 Shadows Let Me Be The One
14 14 Gloria Gaynor Reach Out I'll Be There
15 6 Barry White What Am I Gonna Do With You
16 21 Wigans Ovation Skiing In The Snow
17 23 Labelle Lady Marmalade
18 17 Telly Savalas If
19 31 Bobby Goldsboro Honey
20 39 Gilbert Becaud A Little Love And Understanding
21 36 Peter Skellern Hold On To Love
22 15 Fox Only You Can
23 NEW 10 CC Life Is A Minestrone
24 26 Al Green L.O.V.E.
25 37 Yin And Yan If
26 NEW Teach In Ding-A-Dong
27 19 Showaddywaddy Sweet Music
28 33 K.C. And The Sunshine Band Get Down Tonight
29 NEW Glitter Band The Tears I Cried
30 20 Barry Manilow Mandy
31 34 Bad Company Good Loving Gone Bad
32 NEW Diana Ross Sorry Doesn't Always Make It Right
33 18 Average White Band Pick Up The Pieces
34 NEW Susan Cadogan Hurt So Good
35 38 B.T. Express Express
36 35 Neil Sedaka The Queen Of 1964
37 NEW Gladys Knight And The Pips The Way We Were
38 24 Dana Please Tell Him That I Said Hello
39 25 Frankie Valli My Eyes Adored You
40 NEW Three Degrees Take Good Care Of Yourself


  • Yep, most of them!
    They were good! Not like the tunes of today, you can't hear the words now you know!

  • SimonF - you old fart.

    But yes, most of them too
  • Thanks SR, everthing back to normal then!
  • David Dundas - Jeans On
    Mac and Katie Kissoon Dont -Do It Baby
    DiscoTex and the Sexolettes- Get Dancin
    Manhattan Transfer - Chanson D'amour

    (Nick where did you get that top 40 from? what week was it?)
  • but who know's when?

  • werent we funky dudes!
  • I remember most of them. My guess would be 1974.
  • Remember the girl from Fox???? gorgeous. What a voice....
  • I'm going for 1975
  • RB
    That was Sweet & it was Brian Connelly
  • Noosha Foxx

    cant remember the song tho - used to like it
  • Two Fox songs

    Only you can..in the chart on page 1 and sssssingle bed... I think...

    Thanks Nick.... although he WAS kinda cute.

    How am I with the year??
  • Noosha Foxx - "SSSSSSingle bed"?
  • sssingle bed that's it

  • I'll go up a year RB - 1975. Mike Reid's Ugly Duckling sandwiched between Duane Eddy & Elton John. Now there's a thou.....no,no,no.
  • Don't go there OB.

    I also thought 1975 at first but think 10CC was the year before.

    No confirmation yet though.....
  • sorry SimonF - your guess appeared while I was typing mine!
  • Moments and Whatnauts....Girls, I like 'em fat I like 'em tall, some skinny some small. I'd like to get to know them all.

    My amthem......
  • Sailor- Glass of Champagne
  • After the "Tails of Illusion" album, Fox had been written off for good. "Strange Ships", the single, had failed to chart and everyone had forgotten them. Then, out of the blue in 1976, their best remembered single was released. "SSS Single Bed" was one of the fastest selling singles of the year, reaching number 4 in the UK charts and selling over 300,000 copies. There were a couple of TV appearances, which are still shown from time to time on "TOTP2".

    Unfortunately, Fox seemed unable to consolidate this success. It was a further year before the follow up single (" My Old Man's Away"). was released. By then, Fox were forgotten again.

    "SSS Single Bed" was the last Fox hit.

    - but the thread is "Which Week"
  • RB - I think 10cc "I'm not in love" was '75.
  • Don't think anyone's gone for 1973 yet so I'll go with that
  • 29.03.75 or any of the next 4 week's after.

    Me also remember most of these, but I don't feel old that old.

  • Noosha update:

    The Original Fox album by the band Fox has been released in October 2002 on the Cherry Red label (CDMRED 222). It contains the original tracks plus four bonus tracks.

    Love Letters / Imagine Me, Imagine You / The Juggler / Patient Tigers / Only You Can / The More / Spirit / He's Got Magic / Pisces' Babies / Love Ship / Red Letter Day / Out Of My Body (bonus) / If I Point At The Moon (bonus) / Georgina Bailey (bonus) / Pretty Boy (bonus)

    It is available from amazon.co.uk for £7.99

    Not checked if it's true
  • TL

    In which case you might appreciate why I got mixed up with your Ricky number - 247 will always be Radio One to me

    See you Sunday

  • 208 - Radio Luxembourg
  • I can't believe you all remember Fox I have the album or LP as they used to be called with 'Only you can' at home, I'll check out its release date and post in over the weekend. You must all belong to the "Old Foggies" and are not letting on.
  • OB,

    The 10cc in the chart is 'Life is a Minestrone'...
  • I reckon 1974.

    I remember most of the songs, which is worrying.

    SSSSingle bed - is that the answer to the "I spy" thread?

    Talking of which, anyone remember the "I spy" books (or was it "eye spy"?). With Big Chief I Spy!

    As for what week, I haven't a clue!
  • '208 Luxembourg Tony Prince'

    new chart on Tuesday night - played everything befor everyone else

    crackle crackle
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