Windsor results/certificate

On the Windsor half website, it says that all runners will receive a hard copy of the results, and a finishing certificate.

A month later, and has anyone received theirs yet?


  • Completely forgot about that - they promised us a booklet of results didn't they? Haven't received anything yet.
  • it'll do nicely for lighting the bonfire next week!
  • Hi FGS, no nothing with me yet either!
  • IS there one? How exciting. I can put it in my Windsor Half display in the downstairs loo.

    Has anyone had their piccy yet?
  • From what I recall last year they arrived veerrryyyyyy late, I didn't even remember the race when they got here!
  • No still waiting for mine too.

    DD- thought I might ring up about the piccy on Monday though I haven't checked the bank statement to see if cheque has been cashed yet.
  • Hey Murf - you've posted in daylight!!

    Does it hurt your eyes?
  • Still waiting for £100 in Nike vouchers-vets prize,seems Windsor half is not to well organized
  • I have just been speaking to the organisers for the windsor Half and it seems that the certificate and results book will be coming to us (all Runners like me) in a few weeks

    will keep you informed

    Regards Martin
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