Mouse trap

What six letter word starting and ending in T is another name for a mouse trap?
You've got until 9 pm to find the answer!


  • To make things tougher you've now only got until 8.45 pm.
  • What the h***'s got into you all? Quiz mania has hit the forum. Have you got out your Trivial Pursuits games out in plenty of time for Christmas or what?
  • The answer is......................
  • TOMCAT. I can,t believe nobody got that one right.
  • oh Ricky, in my household of 4 cats it's only the females that hunt.... the Toms just loll about!
  • Like all males - lazy!
  • My cat is kind of stupid and seems to be unalle to catch mice. She's quite a dab hand (paw) at catching the greenfinches and plucking them all over the living room, though.
  • frogs are ours favourites - lovely
  • Rats, just alive with our cat!!!!!
    She's almost lethal!
  • Morris (the mog) used to bring in frogs but haven't had any this year. perhaps too dry so that all the local ponds have dried out.
  • My two cats, who sadly are no longer with me, were both absolutely hopeless at catching anything. The only occassion Sita brought a bird in we were convinced it had fallen out of the sky and landed on her head!!!!
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