Hip Pain

I've been running for a few years on and off and have just started mileage build up in the hope of getting a FLM place for 2003. I've been really careful with the build up, but I'm starting to get some pain deep in my right hip. It's present throughout the day as an ache in the front of the hip and gets much worse when I run. I had to stop at 3 miles last night as I was getting pins and needles down my leg as well. Any suggestions on what it is/ how to treat it?


  • I'd find a good physio or sports therapist-
    hip and pelvis are very central to running and imbalances can cause problems - I have had back then hip/groin problems and physio told me it was because I am very stiff - have tight hamstrings and quads - need to do a lot of stretching

    maybe look at some hip stretches might help
  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭
    Hi Luan, I had a similar problem when I first upped my mileage. Went to see a Physio and she manipulated the offending hip joint and gave me some exercises to do, which were quite difficult and hurt to begin with. Within 3 days I started to notice an improvement in my running and now, 3 months later, I don;t have any pain at all (touch wood!)
  • Hi Lucan,

    You have already received some great advice.

    The Sciatic nerve runs through or around the piriformus, mostly around. If you have damaged the muscles in this area leading to an inflammatory response, then it is possible that the nerve could be constricted, leading to pins and needles in your leg.

    My advice to would be to see a health professional. In the mean while there are some stretches you can do to free the sciatic nerve. A simple one is to sit on a table so your knees border the edge. Slump your back with your chin into your chest, stretching the spinal cord. Then slowly lift your right leg till you fell the sciatic nerve stretching.
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