lower back pain

Whilst out running last night, I felt a slight twinge in the upper area of my buttock/back, woke up today and I am struggling to walk without severe pain. Any ideas as to what this is and any advice?


  • graeme, this sounds a bit like sciatica, especially if you can't walk without pain. No more running for you my boy until you get checked over by your doctor. By the way, I've had sciatica due to a herniated disc so you have my utmost sympathy.
  • get to a good sports physio!

    rest - and stretching exercises help - but physios will get you moving again
  • Has any one got any equally wise words for muscular pain on oneside, in the mid back, below the shoulder blade?
  • Roz, you are correct with your diagnosis. I went on to a sports injury website and after answering various questions and using there diagnostic methods it was identified as the piriformis muscle inflaming resulting in pressure on the sciatic nerve.After taking ibuprofen caplets for two days and stretching this muscle using there recommendations,feeling 100% better and will be back on the roads in a weeks time.
    Best of luck to you all.
  • piriformis is a deep muscle that benefits from massage to loosen it a bit
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