Photographing the London Marathon

Hi all
As I have had to pull out of the FLM this year (fibia stress fracture) I will be going down as a spectator to cheer on my fiancee.
I will though have a few hours to kill as well as trying in vain to spot her from the thousands of other runners, so I am planning (Dreadfully wet weather permitting) to do some photography at the event.

My plan is to focus on the atmosphere on the event rather than take individual pictures of runners, so things like crowds (but not so massive as to not be able to move e.g. Charlton, Docklands), buildings, bands playing etc are all things I am considering and hoping to find.
Aside from the obvious - start, finish, Cutty Sark, London Bridge, Tower of London, does anyone have any suggestions for good places to go?
Obviously I am not going to get everywhere but I am hoping to get to maybe two or three places before heading to the finish.

From running the race I seem to remember somewhere in the Docklands (18 to 20 miles) a road where the Light Railway runs overhead to the right). I am thinking of maybe doing a shot there. Does anyone know exactly where that is?

Many thanks in advance


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