Curvaceous yet slinky saturday club

Moaning all

as it was this morning when I went to bed last night i thought Id take the liberty of starting the weekends fun

have a good day - I'm off to Leeds to play a team from Manchester - will be braving M62 roadworks while youre all brunching


  • What were you lot on last night?! I'm warn out with reading it all. Off to get new puppy at lunchtime. Oh......... why am I doing this? The first few weeks are awful. Gordon, re your offer of a run... where do you live?

    Feel very virtuous today as ran 2.8miles yesterday without really trying and without much pain, and there were several hills. Going to measure out a new run into the next village today, and maybe try it out in the morning.

    Bye allxx
  • I can spell. The word is WORN... W-O-R-N!
  • Hi all

    No running today as I have a race tomorrow. Yes I know it will be blowing a gale and bucketing down but the show must go on.

    Off to tesco's for breakfast and shopping then have visitors for the weekend.

    Hope all are well and positive today.

    I'm still on for Reading and staying over if you guys are.



    Can I come and see your new puppy one day sassie?
  • Morning all...

    Having my second coffee before heading of round the gym for a couple of hours. Speed work today. The hangover is just about gone, so I may manage not to throw up on the treadmill....
    Have a good weekend ....
  • Just a quick hello to everyone,

    Knee felt a lot better so I managed a long very slow run this morning.

    Kept off the vino last night Benz!

    Tonight though I'm out at a Greek restaurant throwing the "Tin Dish" about.(You're not allowed to smash plates say the Health & Safety Executive.)Hope I don't get called to Karaoke - my rendition of Yesterday is very rusty!

    Will have a drink or several though as it's my birthday next Wednesday and will probably blow out on the "Mezze"

    Cheers! and sorry if you're trying to be good!
  • Sounds brilliant to me. Have a great evening.

    Mediterannian food is very good for you so enjoy
  • Hi gals - thought this might be a cheaper source of thrills, instead of an 0906 number, when I saw the headline - seems I was wrong - oh well back to the den of iniquity!

  • Where is everybody?
    I know all the gooners have gone for a good cry... but where is everybody else?
  • Been very quiet all day. I won't be on long I have dinner guests
  • Perhaps they have just realised the FLM is 24 weeks tomorrow, and all those elaborate training schedules kick in at midnight.
  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭
    Curvaceous, cuddly, slinky, slender? (let's overlook virtuous for now). Phwoar! I think I need a cold shower.
  • Stand outside your back door tonite and you will get a cold shower Mutters old chap (maybe even a blow...). Damn it - the insidious influence of the "Dark Side" is starting to creep in even here.
  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭
    Now there's an offer I don't get very often!
  • The trouble with it being so quiet in here today is that.... you start to think that everybody else is out there having fun (without telling you).
    Think I'll go and have a long hot bath (accompanied by cold beer and assorted snack foods) and come back later.
  • Evening...
    Nobody here then ...OK time for a wee prattle then... didn't get to gym till 1700 this evening as the hangover kinda hung around longer than I expected, done my weights.. then onto the treadmill for some serious speed work (i say this lightly)... 2 sets later I was knackered... so went for a sauna instead. OOh so good.
    Been good with the food today... tummy not very obliging.
    So only on my first lager and having to be real good coz I'm going out later when the big guy gets home... so 2 drinks max !!!
  • I'm only having 1 drink tonight - a bottle of ozzie Merlot (Rawson's Retreat) with a straw.
  • EP
    the advantages to a treadmill are manyfold, here are a few...
    you don't get wet
    you don't get cold
    dogs don't bite you
    and gyms always have a bar you can visit afterwards.
  • Hello
    went to westonbirt arboretum today, too full of bloody people and dogs to run
    Nice trees though, walked about 4.5 miles
    24 weeks to FLM
    Right, Goota start training, cos that means its less to Reading
    On the first gin, not counting the one tinnie in the car on the way home
  • EP..
    Giving up drink was maybe not a good idea ... but I have managed through another day.. not a bit of chocie.. apple puffs are very easy... not even missing them..
  • Oh yep
    Day 4 without crisps, thought I nearly forgot and bought a sack
    One of my consultants says im only missing the salt
    Think not
  • love westonbirt, very pretty this time of year - shame its full of tourists though.
  • !9 weeks
    Does anyone feel like writng me and Pix a training schedule
    It has to include alcohol and crisps after Nov 17th---ONLY THREE WEEKS AWAY
  • Are we doing a run on Nov 17th?
  • I actually like habits ... they are comforting... like always going to the same pub or resturaunt .. it's nice to differ sometimes.. but not always.
    EP what is the panic ?? you got 19 weeks ... plenty time ....
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